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Java 2 -- Advanced java.lang & java.util Packages


The first unit describes the important methods in the System class, such as arrayCopy, exit, gc, getProperty, load, setProperty, setIn, setErr, and loadLibrary. You will learn how the System class provides access to standard input and output streams. The unit also explains the methods in the Process class, such as destroy, exitValue, waitFor, getErrorStream, getInputStream, and getOutputStream.

The second unit describes the term introspection and its implementation with the Reflection class in Java. This unit also explains the classes and interfaces in the java.lang.reflect package. The methods of identifying the properties of objects at run time are discussed. The unit also explains the process to create objects for the class at run time.

In the third unit, you will learn about the classes that are available in the java.util.jar package. You will also learn to create a JAR file.


Students will be able to describe and use the System class and the Runtime class, their methods and perform system operations that manage dynamic loading of classes and external processes. Students will also learn about the available classes in the jar package and be able to create a JAR file.


Students will experience Pre-Topic and Post-Topic Assessments, as well as practice and assessments and each section within this course.

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24 Hours
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90 Days

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