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Search Engine Competency Assessment-Level 1 (SECA Basic Certification)


Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing, complex practice, which requires practitioners to be up to date on the latest strategies and SEO practices. A SECA Certificate ensures you have the demonstrable knowledge and mastery of the subject at a basic level. This credential can be used for resume-building, marketing yourself and services or for internal validation for those engaged in webmastering and optimization duties.

The Search Engine Competency Assessment-Level 1 is a standard that is based on the following criteria and knowledge of:

  • Basic HTML tags
  • Web Site keyword Analysis
  • Search Engine Registration/Submissions
  • Problems with Search Engines/Spamming
  • Linking Strategy
  • Ranking Criteria


A successful passing grade entitles you to apply and receive a SECA Certificate from an accredited State University.


The SECA consists of 50 questions, which must be completed in 45 minutes. Students must achieve at least 90 percent accuracy in order to obtain certification. If necessary, a SECA Certified Instructor will review the exam for a fee of $50.00 and help the participant plan for success if a second test is required.

Application Fee: An administrative fee of $39.00 (domestic) ($49.00 international) is required of all students who successfully complete the assessment with a passing score. This is paid directly to the University at the time the application is made. Instructions for processing will be forwarded to the successful Candidate via email.

course quick facts
course code DED2903
cost $75.00
estimated time to
complete course
1 Hours
course materials
1 Days

Barbara I. Chick is an Internet Marketing Consultant, has owned and operated her own business online for the past six years. She has spent the past several years learning and developing her site through the "hard knocks" of what it means to be an online entrepreneur, combining past skills of academic research. Through this experience Ms. Chick has been working with Web positioning refining and teaching basic and advanced classes in Web positioning and Search Engine Optimization methods.