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Master Search Engine Optimization Competencies for Web Developer (MSEOC)


The Internet search engines continue to evolve and with it, the strategies for effective web site promotion and marketing. Search engine submissions when done by certified professionals will result in significant search engine rankings for your personal or your client`s website.

Web certification standards, especially as it relates to qualifying a search engine placement service, which guarantees top 10 search engine placement, must be stringent. For this reason, we have developed unique guidelines validated by schools and universities that serve to accredit our search engine Master Certification. To see if you qualify or have the basic knowledge that you need for this course, you can send for a self-quiz.


We require that you demonstrate a level of proficiency to such a degree that the outcomes of the course are measurable in terms of (1) learning, (2) behavior and (3) actual tangible results. We are only able to assess the Learning that has taken place but stress that Behavior and Results are also important aspects to be monitored and assessed by yourself. We expect your knowledge and skills will significantly increase to an Advanced level through demonstrated knowledge and application.


The candidate for certification will be asked to provide written evidence of knowledge regarding any concepts, techniques and tactics that are in current practice. To identify and discuss proven systems, such as, on the 3rd generation theme search engines, and the most current information available on the changing algorithms of the different search engines.

Behavior and results are self-monitored but they are important indicators of successful completion and certification status. Behavior (self-monitored)--Therefore, you now have the capability to make a difference in whatever type of search engine optimization you are engaged in.

Results (self monitored)--As a result of your Advanced study, you will be able to affect sales, costs and profits with a positive bottom line being achieved.

course quick facts
course code DED2901
cost $199.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
2 Weeks

Barbara I. Chick is an Internet Marketing Consultant, has owned and operated her own business online for the past six years. She has spent the past several years learning and developing her site through the "hard knocks" of what it means to be an online entrepreneur, combining past skills of academic research. Through this experience Ms. Chick has been working with Web positioning refining and teaching basic and advanced classes in Web positioning methods, and Search Engine Optimization.