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Conducting Business in Latin America


Welcome to Conducting Business in Latin America!

As business interaction between the United States and Latin America continues to increase, so does the demand and opportunity for individuals who understand this unique region and can successfully conduct business there. Latin America is an evolving economic area that offers great prospects for many U.S. based businesses. This region contains a wealth of natural resources, available labor, and consumer demand for both U.S. products and services.

This course provides students with the foundation and insight they will need to successfully conduct business in the region and market themselves to U.S. businesses looking to grow into this fertile expanse. How successful business agreements and partnerships are accomplished in Latin America is knowledge not commonly found among U.S. businesses. Conducting Business in Latin America will supply students with the valuable know-how needed to expand and accelerate their careers into this new economic frontier.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will have an understanding of all major aspects affecting conducting business in Latin America.

These aspects include:

  • Geography and its affect on business
  • Economics and developing marketplaces
  • Political systems and how to navigate them
  • Legal systems and how to navigate them
  • Cultural differences and overcoming them
  • Trade, trends, and opportunities
  • NAFTA and new markets
  • Communication and productive business
  • Labor and production
  • Information resources and finding data


This course ends with a 20-question multiple-choice exam. If the student achieves a score of 70% or higher, then they pass, and are allowed to print out a Certificate of Completion provided by the instructor. The exam is not required to complete the course, but is an option, chosen at the studentís discretion.

This exam may be taken as many times as the student desires during a 90 day, on-line access period. Student exam scores are always kept confidential and proof of course completion, if desired, is achieved with the Certificate of Completion.

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course code DED3101
cost $69.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
90 Days

David Fleming has his MBA in Project Management, and is the Founder and President of the Texas Society of Accomplished Young Professionals (TSAYP), a Texas based organization with the mission of promoting professionalism. He has experience in managing projects in both the private and public sector, and currently serves as a consultant to U.S. based companies sponsoring projects in Latin America.