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Take Control of IIS


Do you need to set up a Web server for your home, small office, or corporation? This course shows, using a real-time, full-screen display, everything you need to do set up Web and FTP servers with the Microsoft 2000 or NT operating systems. All the procedures you need are shown just as you would perform them using your own equipment. There are no complicated written instructions to follow. Everything you need to know is demonstrated so that you can see it first-hand in 90 minutes of step-by-step video with audio commentary.

The course covers the fundamentals of Web services, including an explanation of how IP addresses, ports, and sockets make these service work. It demonstrates how to set up, within minutes, a simple one-page Website. It shows how to test this site using just one machine and how to expand the site to any size you wish. It shows you how to administer Web servers using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and the remote administration Web interface that allows you to administer your Web server from anywhere in the world.

The course also demonstrates how to set up and administer FTP services, how to integrate your services with DNS, and the basic settings for Web site and FTP site security.

The course assumes some fundamental background knowledge of networking, but anyone can follow the basic procedures. The course is intended for computer professionals, network administrators, serious home users, owner/operators of small businesses, or anyone who is responsible for providing Web services for a corporate environment. The course does not cover anything related to HTML coding.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Install IIS on 2000 or NT
  • Set up a test Web site
  • Create a MMC (Microsoft Management Console) to administer IIS
  • Create a large corporate Web Site
  • Integrate IIS with DNS
  • Remotely administer a Web Server using a browser
  • Install FTP services on 2000 or NT
  • Integrate FTP with DNS
  • Set up basic security for IIS and FTP
  • Understand the basics of IP addressing, ports, sockets, and services

  • Assessment


    course quick facts
    course code DED3210-F
    cost $24.00
    estimated time to
    complete course
    24 Hours
    course materials
    90 Days

    Dr. Anthony Birch has extensive experience in both technology and education. He has worked as a technical writer for high-technology fields and as a software salesman of inventory control software. His experience teaching online courses includes teaching philosophy at several colleges, and, more recently, training computer-networking professionals the fundamentals of Windows in intensive "boot camp" classes. He teaches online courses that cover a variety of course, which includes technology and Take Control of IIS.