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Cisco CCNA Complete Set


This course covers Cisco training preparatory to taking the CCNA exams.

Subjects covered are Cisco CCNA Internetworking Fundamentals, the OSI Reference Model, the Application and Upper Layers, Network Layer, Data Link Layer, Physical Layer, local area network (LAN) technologies, Wide Area Network (WAN) technologies, router configuration basics, managing routers, an overview of TCP/IP and its protocols, the internetworking layer, IP addressing, an SNMP overview, IP routing concepts, static versus dynamic routing, distance vectoring, Link States, static routing configuration, IGRP configuration, Introduction to EIGRP, IPX routing, enabling IPX on Cisco Routers, Introduction to Apple Talk, Decnet Routing, Router monitoring and security, IP and IPX access lists, introduction to WAN services, PPP, HDLC, DDR, X.25 protocol, configuration and monitoring, Frame Relay configuration and implementation, ISDN concepts and configuration, LAN switching, network congestion solutions, switch operations, Virtual LAN and High Speed Ethernet.


Student will have learned the information covered in the CCNA exams. Students will still be expected to have practical and lab or lab simulation experience to pass the exam. This course does not provide practice exams or lab/router simulations.


Each of the 12 units contain pre and post unit assessments along with quizzes for each section in a unit. Students can view assesment results and go back and re-study areas of deficiencies.

course quick facts
course code DED3500
cost $399.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
90 Days

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