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Event Planning Professional

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Event planners need professional caliber information that explains everything from how to decorate, to the use of technology, and everything in between. In this course you will learn that information and much more. It is through planned events that we remember our shared history, our friends, family, and community.

We include information on greener events, corporate social responsibility, international best practices, and the expanding event field. You will also learn how technology, including the use of social media, may be harnessed to improve the financial, environmental, and other strategic outcomes of a special event.

It's the most important day in many couples' lives and everything needs to be perfect. With weddings becoming larger, costlier and more complex, more than two thirds of engaged couples are turning to professional wedding consultants for help. Learn how to combine your creative vision with their individual preferences to create the wedding of their dreams. Discover the newest wedding trends and find out how to be the first to adopt these new trends.

Drawing on wedding traditions and customs from around the world, this course includes real-world information on:

  • Vows, from the traditional to the creative
  • Rituals, former variety of traditions
  • Toasts, from the classic to advice on writing your own
  • Readings, spanning various customs and heritages
  • Music, from classical to popular

Have you ever eaten a Mrs. Fields cookie? Used an Apple computer? Listened to a hip-hop CD? Entrepreneurs brought these products to your world. People that start their own businesses and work for themselves are called entrepreneurs. For an entrepreneur the sky is the limit as far as earnings are concerned. An entrepreneur is someone who's recognized an opportunity to start a business that other people may not have noticed -- and jumps at it a skillfully. Entrepreneur can shape and create an opportunity where others see little or nothing -- or see it too early or too late.

This "Start Your Own Business" class will help you create the business you want. Throughout this course you will be working on your business plan and creating a quick comprehensive overview of the elements you want in your new business.



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