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ABC+D Principles of Healing


Designed for the beginning herbalist, this course will help you understand the principles of healing: Activate, Build, Cleanse and Direct Aids.

Being new to herbs you may be confused about when to use cleansing herbs and building herbs. Should you take them together, or at different times? What if you have a specific problem, (i.e. kidney infection) should you take herbs for that problem along with cleansing or building herbs? What herbs/supplements act as activators, (i.e. vitalize the program you are on)? In this course you will examine the four principles of healing: Activate, Build, Cleanse and Direct Aids. You will be given a Health Assessment Questionnaire to evaluate which of you body systems need support and charts for each system, so you can choose the right herbal program for your individual needs.

This course will help you to understand the basic principles of healing. You will learn when to build and cleanse and how to choose the correct herbal program based on the results of the questionnaire. You will also learn dosages and when to alternate between building and cleansing. Copy and use the questionnaire and charts for your personal use.


By performing satisfactorily (90% or better) on the final exam.


By the end of the course, students should possess the following knowledge and skills:

  • Learn the difference between Natural Medicine and Orthodox Medicine.
  • Be able to identify different herb forms.
  • Be able to discuss the nutritional benefit of herbs and have a good understanding of how they act within the body.
  • Obtain a good understanding of the Principles of Healing.
  • Be able to identify the main body systems and which key herbs best support them.
  • Have the ability to put together an Activate, Build, and Cleanse herb therapy program with the ability to choose the correct Direct Aids for the individual needs of different people.

course quick facts
course code DED201-B
cost $69.00
estimated time to
complete course
15 Hours
course materials
3 Weeks

Karyl L. Sellinger has been in the herb business since 1992 and owned an Herb Shop in Kennesaw, GA for 8 years. Her shop offered herbs, vitamins, homeopathic, aromatherapy oils and blends, Indian (ear) cones, books and more. She is a frequent speaker/author on herbs and has spoken/written for Kennestone Hospitals Huffer& Puffers outpatient group, and teaches iridology (reading the eye) to help her customers better understand their individual constitutions.