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Understanding Health Insurance: A Guide To Professional Billing & Coding


This quick yet comprehensive course will prepare you very well for anything that requires medical billing expertise. In brief, it covers:

Interactive Medical Billing Training

  • The Medical Billing Office
  • The Specialized Language of Medical Billing
  • The Billing Forms
  • The Anatomy of a Billing Office
  • Problem/Complaint Driven Records
  • The Importance of Complete Registration Information
  • Superbills
  • Data Entry
  • Data Processing
  • Patient Statements
  • HCFA 1500 Insurance Claim Forms
  • Periodic Reporting
  • Practice Economics
  • Fees & Profiles
  • Legal Issues


As a result of this course the student will:

Develop a working knowledge of medical billing Distinguish between the three levels of coding Be familiar with the terminology most often used in a medical office Be able to electronically file claims Understand the claims process Become familiar with durable medical equipment Distinguish and recognize the most common types of insurance


90-100 A 80--89 B 70--79 C 60--69 D 00--59 F

course quick facts
course code DED2701
cost $179.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
5 Weeks

Claudia Yalden is the author of three published books. Her latest book Medical Billing The Bottom Line (ISBN 0-7392-0361-4 ) is widely sold in book stores and on the internet. Claudia, a certified coder, has over 30 years of claims processing experience and has provided national seminars to physicians and their staff in several states.


"I learned about a completely new area and never realized that there was so much information to learn. I was very pleased with the lesson plan. This is a very informative class." - Karen Welch

"When starting this course I had no knowledge of medical billing. I did not realize the work involved in getting a bill from your Dr`s office. I find this very interesting and plan to pursue a carrier in medical billing." - Rena Griffin

"This course boosted my attitude and courage to move forward and become a medical coder someday. It met my expectations real well and the timing was perfect. " - Deborah Crane

"Coming into the medical field with absolutely no experience, this course was very helpful. It explained things at, what I felt, was a beginners level. It covered a lot of material and was very helpful in improving my skills." - Tina Buchanan