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Implementing Renewable Energy Systems in Commercial Green Buildings



You can directly complement increased energy efficiency with the application of renewable energy systems on new and extensively remodeled buildings. In doing so, building electric energy costs can be substantially reduced.

Renewable energy systems in this teleconference will include solar thermal (heat and cooling), photovoltaic electric generation, small-scale wind generation and micro-hydro energy equipment. There are additional alternative energy schemes such as co-generation and biomass combustion systems that may be practical for industrial buildings and complexes. If full investment in efficiency and renewable energy systems is well-coordinated throughout the project life, it is reasonable to expect energy savings on the order of 60 to 100 percent.

Research and development investigations predict certain cases where a building or industrial complex might provide net-energy back to the electric power grid. Credit is available for the implementation of renewable energy systems on green buildings in the USGBC LEED Program.

This teleconference will help you better understand how to evaluate and select environmentally preferable renewable and alternative energy systems to increase the successful implementation of sustainable green-design and construction strategies.


Learning Objectives:

  • You will be able to examine the most relevant system types commonly deployed on real green building projects today
  • You will be able to identify renewable energy systems in buildings.
  • You will be able to evaluate and select environmentally preferable renewable and alternative energy systems.


Student assessment will be done through questions based on the content delivered throughout the course.

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Bion D. Howard is president and chief consultant with Building Environmental Science & Technology, an international consulting firm, located in Valley Center, California. His practice provides design-support and technical analysis services to builders, architects, designers, code officials, nonprofits and government agencies, boosting implementation of sustainable building and development strategies, and advanced environmental building technology.