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Green Building for Health Care Professionals



This course is an 8 hour module and offers an excellent fast track overview of green building standards, waste management guidelines and what health care professionals need to know to implement sustainability into their administrative procedures. Health Care Providers and their staff will gain an understanding on greening health care environments for the ROI, Return on Investment, green janitorial procedures and administrative strategies for sustainability principles that can be implemented quickly. We introduce the students to actual case studies, federal and local resources to energy saving policy and how to provide a safer environment for patients.

Designed for an understanding on all levels and for all professions in the health care arena, this is the first course in a series that will continue to be in development to allow time for laws, state and federal initiatives, and methodologies to come to a stable level for further education. Our fast track programs will expand over four years to allow this new "green" arena to implement the many new initiatives and laws currently being developed within the United States. This will scale to allow education for those in the health care industry an in depth understanding on these initiatives to be implemented into each community in the United States.

Green Real Estate Education partners with leading organizations and professionals for content that is specific for each industry.


Upon completion of this online green building for health care course, students will have a better understanding of:

  • Green building, sustainable construction and sustainable facility design
  • Waste management and energy plan basics are presented and ways to promote healthier indoor air quality
  • Why "green" is important to health care providers and to branding and marketing efforts
  • Pollution prevention and defining renewable energy in an administrative capacity with case studies are included
  • Green Purchasing, green germ control and green cleaning basics are covered


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8 Hours
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365 Days

Kerry Mitchell - President of Green Real Estate Education, established in early 2006. Kerry began her career, as salesperson then became a Maryland Real Estate Broker, and a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Florida.