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Grant Writing Certificate

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The Certificate in Grant Writing is perfect for anyone seeking to learn the essentials in writing or acquiring grants for private, public, or government use. If you are thinking of starting a business that utilizes grants you want to learn the essentials of writing, researching, obtaining, maintaining, operations and strategies within the grant system.


Upon completion of this online grant writing certification course, students will have a well-rounded understanding of:

  • The diverse types of grants that are available. It will cover corporate, non-profit, education, and government grants that are available. You will learn the basics on how to research for and find available grants as well as how to begin the grant process.
  • The skills and tools necessary to enter the field of grant writing. It will cover the fundamental elements of a grant proposal such as the objectives, problems addressed, methodology, evaluation and assessments, budget and cover letter, as well as the members involved.
  • Using it as a type of conversation as well as an interactive process that involves writers and readers who respond to one another. You will learn how to create documents that use explanation, description and intentional direction in order to persuade or direct your readers. You will learn how to develop concise and direct communication with your readers.
  • The skills needed to prepare professional, competitive and compelling and successful grant proposals. The course includes a lesson on the "Potential Pitfalls" of Grant Writing.
  • The basic communication needs of students pursuing careers in a highly competitive world of Science, Education, Grant Writing as well as various other high communication based careers. The course covers the topics of style and purpose offering students focused practice with short writing assignments
  • The fundamentals of the budgeting process including understanding not only how to prepare a budget but how to manage a budget within the context of a hierarchical organizational structure. You will be exposed to the various components of a budget and how they work together as well as how to prepare, organize and structure your budget using basic financial statements.


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cost $2295.00
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180 Hours
course materials
365 Days

Katherine Pang, PhD, JD, LLM, MBA, MEd, MS