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Beyond Grant Writing and Approaching Viable Funding Sources with Success


This self-directed course will guide the participant through the process of finding, applying and successfully engaging grant funding sources and opportunities. The five (5) week course will start with the elements that lead to successful funding and include case studies of successful grant funding applications.

A measure of success checklist will be presented for each possible grant proposal application and the participant will, through case study applications, act in part as a potential funding reviewer.

Week 1
Reading: Grant Writers Dilemma article
Discussion Thread (via e-mail): What have you observed are characteristics of a successful grant application?
Week 2
Submit (via e-mail): Written brief of your proposed grant application. Include the title and an abstract of the grant. This will be reviewed by the facilitator and comments will be returned via e-mail.
Week 3
Reading: Elements of Successful Grant Applications
Discussion Thread (via e-mail): What elements have you observed constitute negative elements of grant application?
Week 4
Discussion Thread (via e-mail): Developing the process flow checklist to a successful grant application.
Week 5
Final submission of grant application success process flow (via e-mail).
Discussion Thread (via e-mail): Checklist application.
Final Evaluation Summary Paper: Lessons learned (7 - 9 pages).


Provide guidelines and process for successful grant applications. Engage the participant in the grant writing review process. Develop a grant funding application checklist for success.


Participants will submit an sample grant application noting points that are "funding worthy" and engage in a dialog around the funding application. Participants assessment will include participation in readings and weekly work through discussion threads and final checklist assessment. All assessments are postured toward direct application of lessons learned.

course quick facts
course code DED527
cost $99.00
estimated time to
complete course
15 Hours
course materials
5 Weeks

Richard (Dick) Petitte brings over 28 years experience in designing and developing education, grant funding opportunities, training and multi-media applications with a strong focus on organizational development, grant writing, and interactive distance learning process solutions. An instructional designer and Emmy award winning multi-media producer/director, Dick brings a unique blend of skills that span from organizational diagnosis to implementation of solutions across a wide range of delivery formats.