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Certified Compliance Inspector of Stormwater (CCIS)


The 6-hour CCIS online certification class educates and certifies municipal inspectors and jobsite stormwater managers to properly implement, inspect, and maintain a construction site for stormwater compliance.

This training covers the physical techniques as well as the proper reporting and documentation requirements for ensuring compliance under the NPDES Construction General Permit.


This CCIS certification class will provide the student with a fundamental knowledge of all aspects of erosion and sediment control so the CCIS certified person can:

  • Inspect the entire site and determine possible causes of BMP ineffectiveness and how to correct them
  • Describe and understand proper installation and maintenance of best management practices
  • Communicate the complete information on an inspection report of not only what the noncompliance is but also when and how it was resolved
  • Make proper and informed decisions when reviewing a SWPPP at the site for compliance
  • Understand the teamwork and communication necessary between owner, operators, contractors and SWPPP designer so the site stays in compliance throughout the construction project.


The classes are broken up into course modules. After the student completes a course module they are given an exam. If they do not pass the exam with 75% or greater, they must repeat the module and a new exam is given. Students may repeat the modules and exams as often as needed.

course quick facts
course code DED5501
cost $640.00
estimated time to
complete course
6 Hours
course materials
2 Years