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Design a Winning Business--Self-Directed


This course focuses on refining a business concept and laying the groundwork for the development of a robust business plan. In this course, you'll gain experience with this process by completing a series of assignments that require you to help refine a business concept.

Inspiration for a business start-up can come from all around you. You need to make sound decisions about which ideas to pursue and how to go about pursuing them. All ideas are not created equal, and even the best ideas are rarely perfect at their conception.

In order to evaluate an idea's chance of real success, and to develop an action plan for realizing it, you must do the legwork to analyze and refine it. A scientist working in a laboratory will develop an idea�a hypothesis about how something works. In order to determine whether or not his idea has merit, he will devise experiments to test the validity of his idea. The results of his experiments will confirm or deny his hypothesis, and will often reveal new ideas to explore or ways to refine his idea.

In this course, you'll be working as an entrepreneur in your own sort of laboratory. Your simulated business partner has a hypothesis. As part of your experimental design, you'll need to develop a business strategy, research and define your target market, analyze your competitive opportunity, plan your marketing strategy, and, ultimately, develop an operating model of the business. Finally, you'll need to assess whether or not the business is likely to meet your profitability goals and suggest ways to optimize its chances of success.

Enroll in this online course if you:

  • Have an idea you want to bring to life
  • Need a plan to show potential investors
  • Want to identify all of your plan`s potential

  • Outcomes

    The Design a Winning Business Based on Your Idea -- self paced course will teach you to:

    1. Take a business idea and plan a company around it with the best possible chance for success
    2. Refine an initial business concept by identifying its strengths and weaknesses
    3. Pick the right market segment to target and use that narrow focus to increase profits
    4. Analyze the competitive landscape to find opportunities
    5. Estimate the size of the business opportunity to strategically evaluate your idea
    6. Test and fine tune the plan to reveal previously overlooked profit centers

    Throughout the course, you'll continually revisit your assumptions and look for ways to optimize your vision for the mobile dog grooming business.


    Assessment is based upon satisfactory completion of seven assignments with a total estimated completion time of 8 - 10 hours.

    Upon successful completion of these assignments, the student will gain a deep knowledge base covering the most important aspects of building a winning business and receive a certificate of completion signed by Paul Wimer.

    course quick facts
    course code DED2554
    cost $145.00
    estimated time to
    complete course
    10 Hours
    course materials
    90 Days