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Proven success in building an E-business


This is an intense course designed to teach you the basics of building your own Internet business. If you think putting up a web site is all you need to do, you are DEAD WRONG! By taking this course you will learn how to control all of the costs associated with starting an Internet business because you will be taught all of the language and technological information you need to make sound, informed and educated business decisions.

Taught by April M. Adams founder of, you will learn everything you need to learn about how to start, build, manage and market an Internet business. This includes the terminologies used by programmers, web design and web hosting firms. You will learn how to layout a web site, market your site and how to manage the sales data and accounting information.

You will be given weekly assignments requiring you to study six to twelve hours per week. You will also be required to purchase and read one essential reference book. The end result will be complete knowledge of how to run your own business on-line with confidence!


  • Student will be familiar with all terminologies related to running an Internet business.
  • Student will be aware of what causes transactions to occur on a web site.
  • Student will have learned basic HTML.
  • Student will have learned how to upload files onto a remote server.
  • Student will learn how to set up financial documents to support the business.
  • Student will have created substantial content for theoretical web site.
  • Student will have found a web design, hosting and commercial banking company.
  • Student will learn how to register with search engines.
  • Student will have created an e-newsletter.


  • Student will have a mock/demo web site.
  • Student will have Meta tags in uploaded home page.
  • Student will have accounting and product data file.
  • Student will provide report of reference book.
  • Student will have signed up for newsletter and created first newsletter.

course quick facts
course code DED265
cost $159.00
estimated time to
complete course
10 Hours
course materials
5 Weeks

April Adams owns and operates a Healthcare/ Information System consulting firm, and has extensive experience in Customer Relationship Management. April teaches a variety of online courses which covers topics such as: healthcare information systems, and e-business.