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Market Leadership in an E-Commerce Age


Participants will work with the assumption that e-commerce and the information age have permeated every aspect of their daily lives. The course is expected to raise that awareness through self-assessments and begin to look at the mechanisms and processes of this information e-commerce environment that surrounds us and integrates itself into our daily lives. Participants will inventory their own interactions with e-commerce and complete a cause and effect survey.


Participants will be assessed on their understanding of the e-commerce environment and their being able to apply that understanding prescriptively to organizational and life situations.


Participants will self-assess their current situation(s) as they touch the information e-commerce age and complete a cause and effect survey along with a final paper outlining the environment and prescriptions they see for themselves as they continue to interact with these new technologies.

course quick facts
course code DED241
cost $210.00
estimated time to
complete course
16 Hours
course materials
4 Weeks

Richard (Dick) Petitte brings over 28 years experience in designing and developing online educational, training and multi-media applications with a strong focus on organizational development, leadership, and interactive distance learning process solutions. An instructional designer and Emmy award winning multi-media producer/director, Dick brings a unique blend of skills that span from organizational diagnosis to implementation of solutions across a wide range of delivery formats.


"We will surely continue studying related courses such as E-Commerce and marketing as it was our third course in this series. " - Reza Kanani