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Writing Standards-Based Assessments


Writing Standards-based Assessments is a seven day online course. This course is designed to give you an understanding of writing test items that are aligned to your standards. This course will enable you to develop assessments that are based on your standards, and are therefore in line with your state assessment program.

The information we share will focus on understanding the cognitive level of the standards in order to develop items that meet those objectives. Principles of good assessment item writing will also be taught in this course to enable teachers to develop questions that are fair and challenging, without being tricky or confusing.

This course is designed for K12 teachers but the concepts and examples will translate for all educators who aim to create better assessments for their students.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the cognitive levels of learning
  • Choose appropriate questions for the different levels of cognitive thought
  • Write assessments that are aligned to your particular standards
  • Employ principles of good item writing in developing your assessments


    Grading Policies: This course is self-directed. Each lesson contains a quiz, which is graded immediately upon completion.

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    24 Hours
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    7 Days

    Theresa Owens has held variety of positions in Education during the last twelve years, including teacher, science specialist, adjunct faculty. As an specialist, she developed workshops to assist teachers in creating assessments aligned to state standards, created benchmarks, and contributed to an item bank that was used throughout the state of South Carolina.