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How to Setup & Secure Your Home Computer


Whether you use your computer for business or pleasure, it is so important that you have a computer that is safe and secure.

It is no longer the norm to turn on your computer and use it for games and what not. Now, with the ever present danger of viruses and hackers, making sure the computer is secure is vital.

Securing your computer is not hard if you know what steps to take and follow them properly. This course will show you what steps need to be made and how to handle each issue that has to be addressed.

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By taking this course you will achieve the following results:

  • You will know and understand the importance of safety and security for your computer
  • You will learn what you have to do to make sure your computer is free from viruses
  • You will learn how to make your connection to the Internet more secure
  • You will learn how to improve the operation of your computer so it is safe from hackers


After this course is over, you will implement everything told here and will have engaged the practices involved.

You will end up with a secure and safe computer that will be fun to work with without fear of outside intruders.

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Harry Husted is a freelance writer, computer consultant, and instructor. His writing projects include ghostwriting, copywriting, web site content, DTP, editing, and technical writing. He has worked as a computer consultant installing, setting up, and troubleshooting computer systems. Harry has taught a variety of online course, including MS Office, web design, computer repair, and A+. Harry also teaches online courses in computer setup and repair.