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PHP Web Programming

ProTrain Online


PHP is used to create dynamic web sites. Students will learn to syntax and structure of PHP. Students will need access to a web server that supports PHP.


  • Students will install a web server and PHP and create a basic PHP script.
  • Students will write PHP code that defines and uses variables.
  • Students will write PHP code that handle data received from HTML forms.
  • Students will write PHP code that works with numeric and string data.
  • Student will write PHP code that uses looping and conditional statements.
  • Students will write PHP code to work with data stored in arrays.
  • Students will create a basic web application. Students will break their PHP code into reusable functions.
  • Students will explore writing PHP code to read and write to files, read and write to databases and work with Regular Expressions.
  • Students will create a project to show what they have learned in PHP.


Students will learn to collect data from a web-based form and use it to create dynamic web pages for their users.


course quick facts
course code PRO2082
cost $375.00
estimated time to
complete course
32 Hours
course materials
7 Weeks