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AutoCAD Architecture 1 - Residential Buildings

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Students will use AEC tools to layout a small office building complete with doors, windows, and a roof. This introductory building is developed and refined over the next few classes as students explore the display system and Style Manager, creating custom display configurations and learning how to set and control the display to extract reflected ceiling plans and presentation style plans from the model.

Wall objects and Wall styles will be examined in depth as students learn how to define custom wall configurations and enhance the display of their walls with modifiers and endcaps. Object isolation tools and Material definitions are explored and the first project concludes with a study of automatic dimensioning routines and AEC dimension styles.

The main level one project is a model of a two storey, 3000 square foot residence and students will commence this building with a study of custom door, window and opening objects. After laying out the first floor and adding a floor system with AEC slabs, students convert the first floor model into a second floor model and then use external references to combine the two models with overlays to ensure proper alignment and to aid in further development.

Over the next two classes students learn how to create Roof and Roof Slab objects, developing a multi-slope roof and integrating the roof from the first floor around the second floor walls. Students will add stairs and railings to accommodate vertical circulation and will then learn how to create a master assembly in which they will extract a series of elevation drawings. The elevation drawings will be refined with a custom elevation style and linework editing.

After developing the elevation drawings, students will learn how to work with Sections and live sections and then, finally, will add cameras to obtain 3D perspective views of the finished building model.


Following the completion of this course, individuals will be able to create integrated building models as the basis for linked construction drawings.


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64 Hours
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3 Months