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AutoCAD 4 - Rendering and Customization

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The course begins with an exploration of the rendering environment and a discussion on model preparation. Students will begin their Exterior project, assembling the part files and assigning their first materials. After placing cameras to obtain architectural style perspectives, students will specify custom background images and discuss layout procedures and view controls.

Students will continue to create and assign materials to their exterior project learning to control texture map placement and orientation with UVW mappers. The next phase of the project is to design daytime and nighttime lighting conditions using a mix of Sunlight systems and User lighting. Students will continue to refine their materials with advanced mapping techniques and learn how to create custom landscape objects with opacity mapping techniques.

The final phase of the Interior project will involve the creation of a 10 second, architectural walkthrough rendered with realistic texture mapped materials, and full lighting with shadows.

The video demonstrations for this course were recorded with AutoCAD 2007 as shown in the demonstration video samples below. All rendering methods shown are the same in versions 2007 to 2009. Course notes and handbooks are available with all applicable updates to 2009 version.


To end the course, students will learn a series of basic to intermediate level customization techniques. Interface options, Workspaces, Profiles and Startup routines will be explored in depth. Finally, students will learn how to use the Customize Interface Editor and work with CUI files. Students will create a custom dimensioning toolbar including a new, custom, macro command with a user defined button image.


The final project is a set of Interior renderings for a Kiosk in a larger retail environment. Students will create several camera views, create and assign custom materials including landscape objects, advanced metals, glasses, water and neon lights. Students will design custom lighting solutions for their project and learn to use Global Illumination and Final Gather to create realistic lighting.

course quick facts
course code PRO1160
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64 Hours
course materials
3 Months