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AutoCAD 3 - 3D Modeling

ProTrain Online


Students will examine the control panel and learn how to create a series of simple models by combining solid primitives such as boxes, wedges, and cylinders with the Union command.

Students will learn to control the User coordinate system and use the Subtract and Intersect command to create increasingly complex primitive models before progressing with Extrusions, Revolves, Sweeps, and Loft objects.

For the duration of the course, emphasis is placed not only on modeling but also on drawing extraction methods and students will learn techniques to create base, orthographic, section, and auxiliary drawing views that can be easily updated as their model changes.

Advanced modeling techniques will be examined in depth as students create complex freeform models and learn to display their work in live sectioned views.

The video demonstrations for this course were recorded with AutoCAD 2007 as shown in the demonstration video samples below. All modeling methods shown are identical in versions 2007 to 2009. Course notes and handbooks are supplied with all applicable updates to 2009 version.


This Advanced AutoCAD training course, new concepts include 3D workspaces, 3D user coordinate systems, creating and modifying 3D primitives, working with visual styles, 3D navigation tools, Booleans and composite solid modeling, Extrude and Revolve operations, Region modeling, Helix, Sweep and Loft modeling techniques, editing and manipulating models at both the object and sub object levels, 2D drawing extraction procedures, meshes and surface modeling, sections and live sections, assembly modeling, and an introduction to Rendering.


During the second half of the course students will have the opportunity to pursue their own designs as they work on optional assignments such as light fixtures, furniture pieces, architectural parts and assemblies, and for the final assignment either an entire store to be set in a supplied retail environment, or a classically detailed exterior model of a two storey house.

course quick facts
course code PRO1159
cost $835.00
estimated time to
complete course
64 Hours
course materials
3 Months