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Transactional Analysis

My Distance Learning College


Eric Berne, the originator of T.A., isolated and defined a basic unit of social intercourse - a transaction. If two or more people encounter each other, sooner or later one of them will speak or acknowledge the presence of the others - a transactional stimulus. Another will then say or do something which is in some way related to that stimulus - a transactional response. In this course the student is given the opportunity to study and examine this transaction - "I do something and you do something back" - and learn how to determine which part of the multi-natured individual is being activated.

This course covers:

  • Introduction & background
  • Positions of change
  • Child, parent & adult
  • Families & children
  • Analysis Treatment goals
  • Roles & games
  • Moral & social aspects


Transactional Analysis Diploma

Transactional Analysis Diploma issued by My Distance Learning College, entitling you to use the letters SAC Dip after your name.


After each lesson there will be a question paper, which needs to be completed and submitted to your personal tutor for marking. This method of continual assessment ensures that your personal tutor can consistently monitor your progress and provide you with assistance throughout the duration of the course.

course quick facts
course code DED9181
cost $265.00
estimated time to
complete course
96 Hours
course materials
365 Days