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Better Public Speaking- A Low Stress Approach


Surveys demonstrate that a majority of people would rather face the issue of death than speaking in public! Other surveys in business management note that 80% of all business communication is verbal. We are then, judged to a great extent on how we say what we say. We hold the power to interest, to inspire, to lead if we present ourselves effectively. Much of that opportunity comes through spoken communication. With diligent practice and application of the principles of public speaking and with appropriate management of organization, information, delivery techniques and emotion control, you can become more verbally effective- in both your work and personal lives. All of us have desired many times to be more effective speakers. This course can help you to attain that desire. Coursework focuses on reading the text and applying those ideas in an immediate and direct way. You’ll create sound files on a weekly basis to send to your instructor and will receive back, practical critiques and useful comments for each file you send. The sound files can be created on any computer and from a program every computer has in the Accessories section of the program list. You’ll send using your existing email program so no additional programs are necessary. A browser (either IE or Netscape) also is required, as well as an Internet connection. To reinforce what you have read and applied in the practical textbook, you’ll take weekly textbook website chapter self tests and send the results to me. These self-test results coupled with evaluations of your sound file speeches form the core of course assessment. Optimal results require continual practice during the term and incorporating the feedback you get from your speech submissions, as well as applying the practical textbook readings. Topics include controlling nervousness, organizing your speech, effective listening, considering the audience, finding and using materials effectively, types of speeches, wording the speech and effective delivery. This course is substantially similar to for-credit, 8-week courses which typically cost around $700.


After taking this course and diligently applying course resources, concepts, facts and tips, as well as continually practicing public speaking on your own (alone and in the company of others such as your family and/or friends or at work), you will be able to; 1. Organize speeches more effectively and easily. 2. More easily control emotions, which interfere with smooth presentations. 3. Discover your particular weaknesses and work on lessening their effects. 4. Have the opportunity to become a more effective listener, which is key to being a more effective speaker. 5. Create speeches targeted to the topic and audience. 6. Increate your confidence in speaking to others as well as your self-image as a communicator. 7. Involve you in the process of your own education and improvement and emphasize the necessity to continue these practices for the rest of your life. There is no easy and quick way to become a superior communicator. However, if you don’t begin the process and practice continually, attaining that goal won’t happen at all.


How can I determine if you have progressed in this course? There are several ways listed below, but essentially improvement is the key. This means I will compare your sound file submissions to ones you have submitted in past weeks and will look to see if you have adopted suggestions I’ve communicated to you by return sound file. 1. Have you adopted my suggestions to your sound file submissions? 2. Have you noticeably improved in the areas of timing, delivery pace and tone, enunciation and clarity of speech, lack of inappropriate connectives (“uh”, “ah”), elimination of slang and the appropriate use of vocabulary, speaking volume and command of the audience (authority)? 3. Results of the textbook web site self-tests, which you will send to my email. 4. Timeliness of delivering assignments and self-tests, as well as positive attitude and cooperation. 5. Your expressed understanding that this course is the beginning of a lifelong process of awareness, practice and improvement and not a, “course” with an end time.

course quick facts
course code DED533
cost $159.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
6 Weeks