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Business Management Specialist for PMP

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Do you want to enhance your business management skills? Are you interested in working toward a career as a business development specialist or in one of many other exciting careers in business?

Whether you already work as a business development specialist or want to improve your business management skills, this distance learning course can help you learn quality business skills that could lead to one of many money-making careers in business.

Our business management course offers comprehensive training in many important management areas, including:

  • Business management skills
  • Business organization and systems
  • Managing globally
  • Planning and strategy
  • Fundamentals of decision making
  • Organizational design
  • Managing human resources
  • Work motivation
  • Dynamics of leadership
  • Managing work teams
  • Cultural diversity and much more.

Learn to master the most proven methods in project management as well as exciting new techniques emerging from current industry and today's most recent research. This course introduces manual techniques perfected during the past 50 years and progressive automated techniques, all consistent with the latest PMBOK Guide and integrated with Microsoft Project 2010. The course's focused approach is ideal for building strong portfolios that showcase project management skills for future interviews.

All course content is consistent with the knowledge areas and processes of the latest fourth edition of the PMBOK Guide to give readers an advantage in becoming Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) if they choose. This course covers the most important project management concepts to master keep learning efficient and focused on business success.

This course includes a 60 day trial version of Microsoft Project 2010 at no additional cost. The practical use of this key project management application is fully integrated into the course and textbook.

This course prepares you to take the PMP exam.

Looking for ways to make your company great, motivate your employees, and grow profits? Then Leadership & Goal Attainment is the course for you. In the first part of this course you will learn how relational leadership is not just a theory or a buzzword, but a way of managing through relationship-building to bring out the very best in one's employees. You will see how some executives succeeded where others failed and take advantage of those lessons of success to create your own.

Why do some genius-level leaders seem to drain intelligence and performance out of the people around them, while others stimulate, motivate, and get so much more out of their work associates? The second part of this course uses Liz Wiseman's book to label the former group, people who need to be the smartest person in the room, as diminishers, while the latter are multipliers, people who use their smarts to stimulate and enhance the creativity of the group. This section of the course identifies what is considered the five most important disciplines that help managers to think and act more like multipliers, bringing people together, and giving others on the team more freedom, power, and responsibility, which ultimately generates self-worth and satisfaction.

The third part of this Leadership & Goal Attainment course will help you with setting and achieving your goals. While it can be difficult to set truly meaningful and motivational goals, it is one of the most essential steps to business success. Goals tell individuals and teams what needs to be accomplished, why it's a priority, and how to do it. Even more importantly, setting, working toward and achieving measurable goals is how we all grow personally while contributing to organizational success.



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460 Hours
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