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Bartending the Easy Way-Online


For those who are serious about becoming a professional bartender, this course could be completed in 1-2 weeks. All aspects of the business are covered and students will be well-prepared to work as a bartender, in addition to being a valued employee. Bartending the Easy Way is an in-depth study of professional bartending.

This exceptional online course will prepare you to work as a professional bartender in all types of establishments. Bartending requires so much more than knowing how to put ice in a glass and adding the proper ingredients. This class will prepare you to be a great salesperson, a customer service expert and an honest and valuable employee, skills that will help you succeed in the real world of bartending and throughout life. The lessons taught are extremely beneficial to managers, waitresses and novice bartenders, also.

Bartending the Easy Way will leave you with a thorough understanding of how the bar business works, the ethics of serving cocktails and a common sense approach to bartending. Additionally, you will be taught in detail how to practice making cocktails. Other topics included are glassware, tools, recipes, pouring the perfect shot, bar terms, wine and champagne service, martinis, laws, job interviews and resumes.

Hollywood bartender Kellie Nicholson has condensed twenty-five years of experience into a course that will give you the confidence to step behind a bar anywhere. Serving clientele like Will from the Black-Eyes Peas, David Schwimmer, Jessica Simpson and Ashton Kutcher is only a small part of her extraordinary career. Her experience includes many years of management, which she uses to share what managers look for in a good bartender. Her students have often been hired as managers when applying for a bartending job due to the lessons learned from Bartending the Easy Way.

Kellie will teach you the basics that will put you on the road to quickly become a professional. She has been hired to train bar employees all over the Los Angeles area and also consults with bars and restaurants in many areas of the business. Her bartenders are successfully working at establishments all over the United States.

*Class materials include a colored lesson manual (which may be printed from your own computer at no charge or studied online), recipe flash cards, a jigger, a pour spout and a laminated recipe sheet. It is recommended that you purchase the recipe flash cards ($3), jigger ($3), pour spout ($1) and laminated recipe sheet ($1) offered on the class web site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a certificate for bartending?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the Professional Certificate validated by your instructor. A final score of 90% or above will earn you a Master�s Certificate of Excellence. Additionally, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase an Official University Certificate at the end of the course for $39, though this is not necessary. If you choose not to purchase the Official University Certificate, you may select a Letter Certificate in the form of a Word document at no additional charge. Each certificate offered through this program is a symbol of your achievement from a highly respected organization.

What does "certification" mean for a bartender?

Though your employer might want you to be a "Certified Bartender" for insurance purposes and to assure that you have been trained, there is no legal requirement for "certification" in most states. This course offers you "Professional Certification" and, in order to assure that you are aware of your state's most up-to-date laws, we will also provide a phone number where you can call for your state's regulations and age of service laws.

How can I learn everything I need to know about bartending from an online course?

In this class you will learn valuable information that will make you a superior bartender and a great employee. Additionally, you will be provided with recipes to learn and detailed instruction to practice pouring the perfect shot. This is all you need to get started.

Am I guaranteed job placement?

You should be very leery of anyone who promises you job placement. That is not possible. You may be given leads, but you will have to get the job on your own. Additionally, keep in mind that every other student will be given the same leads. Bartending the Easy Way includes thorough coverage of resumes, experience and job interviews, which is how you will get a job. You will be taught the best way to find a bartending job, but you will have to make the contacts yourself, just like any other class.

Why are there so many bartenders who have never taken any kind of class?

Bartending requires confidence, intellect, common sense, patience, endurance and multi-tasking skills, which cannot be taught in any bartending class. Bartending the Easy Way will teach you everything you need to know to be a working, professional bartender.

Can an older person get a job bartending?

You should think about working with a clientèle that is near your own age. Since there are bars for all ages, then anyone should be able to find a job.

How would this class help me get a job?

Bartending the Easy Way stresses customer service, which is actually the most important part of bartending. Since Kellie Nicholson has been hired at 60 - 70 establishments (often working the busiest nights at 2-3 jobs at once) and has managed and hired the staff in many bars, she will teach you what managers look for in hiring their bar employees. You will also learn how the bar business works, which makes you a valued employee.

How is this class different than others?

Though it is most beneficial to learn all of the drink recipes and to know how to mix the cocktails, that is only a very small part of becoming a professional bartender. There is so much more involved in working behind the bar and this class focuses on the most important aspects of bartending in the real world. Yes, the fun part is mixing the cocktails, but often the principles of the business, customer service and ethics are overlooked areas of the job. Bartending is a career that demands great intelligence, quick-thinking, an excellent memory, physical stamina and superior multi-tasking skills. These talents cannot be taught in any bartending class. However, since there are all types of bartending jobs that require many different levels of skill, anyone can become a bartender. When researching your choice of a bartending education, keep in mind the factors that are necessary to perform all aspects of the job. Memorizing 300 recipes does not make you a professional bartender.

I'm still leery about the online format of a bartending class, so can you tell me what type of homework is involved?

You will be provided 14 lessons to read and study, then a quiz will follow each lesson. Recipes must be memorized (around 70 total) forwards and backwards. You will regularly use only about 30 of them, but you need to know them all. The bottles of liquor must be studied, so that you can spot a particular liquor at a glance. These can be learned easily from the photos in the lesson manual. Then, you should practice over and over how to pour an exact shot using the "tail," as demonstrated in the video on the class web site. Professional bartenders do not count when they pour their shots, as they are multi-tasking and doing too many other things.


In this class you will learn valuable information that will make you a superior bartender and a great employee. As a result of successful completion of the course you will:

  • Be able to properly make the most common cocktails.
  • Know how to pour an accurate shot of alcohol.
  • Have an understanding of how the bar business works.
  • Possess excellent customer service skills.
  • Know how to handle difficult guests.
  • Have excellent sales techniques.
  • Shine on a job interview.


Upon completion of each lesson, you will take a quiz. Your answers will be recorded and later tallied with a required score of 70% or above to complete the course. A score of 90% or above will earn you a Master's Certificate of Excellence. If you pay attention to details, you will do extremely well. The final assignment will be to complete a resume using the sample in the manual.

You will receive your certificate after all lessons and quizzes have been completed and your questions have been answered.

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