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Keys to Managing Families/Responsible Parties of Your Residents


During the course of this program students will study a variety of areas, such as:

  • Psychological Traumas
  • Why Might They Be Experiencing Trauma
  • Why Do They Act Like That
  • Empathy vs. Sympathy
  • Systems Theory and ABCs to Behavior Modification
  • Education and Assessment
  • A Complaint is a Gift
  • Letís Apply All of Your Tools


Individuals in this online course will learn about:

  • Identify common psychological traumas
  • Realize where the psychological traumas originate
  • Understand the motivation for some behaviors
  • Know the difference between sympathy and empathy
  • Respond to a family member/responsible party empathically
  • Apply systems theory and the Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence Model
  • Perform an assessment on the decision maker
  • Appreciate the purpose and importance of educating the decision maker
  • View a complaint as a gift and receive it as such


course quick facts
course code 126
cost $111.95
estimated time to
complete course
9 Hours
course materials
365 Days

David Hahklotubbe, MA.