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Adobe Illustrator Certificate

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Adobe Illustrator allows you to create artwork that you can use for web pages or any print or electronic media. This course will give students a good overview of the tools and features of Illustrator. Students will create artwork using the various tools including the pencil and pen tools. Students will learn the various ways to apply color to their artwork. Students will work with layers, the 3D effects, and symbols. Students will need to have a copy of Illustrator.

  • Students will install Illustrator, navigate around the workspace and select and arrange objects in an illustration.
  • Students will create and edit basic shapes.
  • Students will use the pen tools to create drawings.
  • Students will add color to their Illustrator documents.
  • Students will work with text objects in Illustrator.
  • Students will edit drawings using masks, blending modes, envelopes and meshes.
  • Students will define and use symbols and edit their drawings using filters and effects.
  • Students will use the Illustrator filters, effects and graphic styles in their Illustrator projects.
  • Students will work with symbols, importing graphics from other sources and printing their Illustrator artwork.
  • Students will create a project in Illustrator to demonstrate what they have learned in this course.


Individuals who complete this program will earn a Adobe Illustrator Certificate, and will have the knowledge that is needed to:

  • Coloring Objects and Using Brushes in Illustrator CS3
  • Manipulating Objects in Illustrator CS3
  • Using Type and Symbols in Illustrator CS3
  • Importing and Tracing Images, and Applying Effects in Illustrator CS3
  • Exporting and Printing Artwork in Illustrator CS3


course quick facts
course code PRO1192
cost $295.00
estimated time to
complete course
30 Hours
course materials
12 Months