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Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: ActionScript 3 UI & Data


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Explore new territories in the land of data handling and user interface (UI) design with ActionScript 3 language in Flash CS3. With John Ulliman as your guide, this video series provides plenty of hands-on experience as you learn how to design a typical shopping application, handle external graphic data, and learn how to draw and manipulate graphs and display text data. You'll also look at different types of data and how to load and use them in your Flash applications, and discover how to use the new Component elements in Flash CS3.

The student will have access to this course for 1 year. This self-directed course can be completed within 90 days or sooner depending on time and learning capabilities of the student.


By completing this course you will:

  1. Learn how a typical user interface (UI) device is built and used and understand what goes into the new AS3 component set.

  2. Understand XML files and how to create and use them with all kinds of Flash applications.

  3. Create a shopping application using all external data files, and create all the UI controls for browsing through items, displaying information, and cart management.

  4. Discover how to plot data � whether its GPS coordinates from a simple text file to stock or RSS data from a structured XML document.

  5. Customize your interface elements to match whatever look and feel you need in your application, whether you are building your own devices or using the new built in components.


Project files are included with this course to aid in your learning. There are no exams or tests.

course quick facts
course code DED1835-B
cost $99.00
estimated time to
complete course
8 Hours
course materials
90 Days