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Adobe Acrobat

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Adobe Acrobat allows users to convert documents you create in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other application into Portable Document Files (PDF). A PDF can be viewed and printed by any with a copy of Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.

Students will add navigation aids to their PDF files. Students will prepare documents for review and adding security features to their documents. Students will also learn to complete PDF forms electronically. Students must have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Standard. A 30-day trial of Adobe Acrobat is available for download.


  • Students will install Adobe Acrobat and navigate around the work area.
  • Students will create PDF files from various applications.
  • Students will combine multiple PDF files and other documents into a single PDF document.
  • Students will edit PDF documents by rearranging the pages and editing images and text.
  • Students will add security features to their PDF documents.
  • ,li> Students will create PDF forms.
  • Students will create multimedia presentations in Acrobat.
  • Students will explore the features of Acrobat related to legal and engineering functions.
  • Students will use Acrobat to prepare documents for professional printing.
  • Students will create final project using what they have learned.


In this course students will learn to create and manage PDF files.


course quick facts
course code PRO2106
cost $375.00
estimated time to
complete course
32 Hours
course materials
7 Weeks