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Question: What Can Online Courses Do for You?
Answer: It depends on what kind of student you are.

Hundreds of people sign up for our online courses every day. They’re people from many different countries, regions, and walks of life: a diverse range, from company CEO’s to stay-at-home parents, traditional college students, and entrepreneurs.

We’ve found, however, that our online learners tend to fall into four distinct groups. And each of these groups take our courses for very different reasons.

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So what kind of student are you? There are many ways to study online—without the commitment of a full-scale degree program. If your education needs don’t include a full degree, chances are we’ve got the perfect course in our catalog for you.

The employee.

This type of online student already has a job—and needs a very specific certification to perform that job. Maybe state certification or licensing demands have changed—or maybe the employer’s or industry’s expectations have shifted to require additional training. Either way, this person needs a professional certification or training in a certain skill set.

We offer a range of industry-specific certifications for professionals in many different fields.

The career-minded.

Career-minded individuals want to do more than keep their jobs—they want to move up. Unemployed students seeking to enhance their resumes also fall under this category—as do people seeking to make a career change or start a new business.

We offer a wide variety of courses designed specifically for this type of student. Courses such as profesional bar management courses, leadership training, management training, and organizational management courses help prepare students for increased levels of responsibility in the workplace. Classes in topics such as Human Resources courses, customer service courses online, project management, or Six Sigma training help students strengthen their resumes for a job search or career transition.   And courses in areas as diverse as e-commerce, alternative medicine courses, or sales training help students develop the skills they need to start businesses of their own.

The lifelong learner.

Lifelong learners want to keep learning—no matter how long they’ve been out of a traditional classroom environment. Lifelong learners might be stay-at-home parents, busy professionals with strong outside interests, or retirees seeking to expand their knowledge of a certain subject. Lifelong learners study a diverse range of topics, anything from foreign languages like French or Italian to music, photography, writing, and more.

The home-schooler.

Some of these students are home-schooled children and their parents taking classes, either together or alone, to boost their knowledge of school subjects. Others may be college students interested in expanding their knowledge of a certain subject. Still others may be parents interested in increasing their expertise in child development and psychology to make themselves better teachers for their children. We cater specifically to this group with our online home schooling course series as well as classes in childhood development and child psychology.

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Career Training

A professional certification can make you more marketable to employers, as well as qualify you for better pay and promotions within a current job.  Here you’ll find training programs that can help you take your career to the next level.

Personal Development

Follow your interests—take a class in something you love.  These classes suit every taste, from art and creative writing to spirituality and family.

Education & Teaching

Turn your love of learning into a career. Qualified teachers, administrators, and education professionals are always in demand.  These classes will help you get started and earn your teaching certification.

Real Estate

If you want to build real wealth, go into real estate.  These classes introduce you to the industry and show you how you can start a financially rewarding career in real estate.

Senior Care Certifications

Gain the skills needed for working within the adult care field, and turn your love for caring for people into a satisfying career. These online courses in senior care offer the opportunity to build the skills needed to succeed in this rewarding field.


In today’s global economy, bilingual employees are increasingly valuable.  Learn a new language and make yourself irreplaceable in your company or next job.