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Top 75 College Education Tweets

May 28, 2009 Jennifer Williamson, Distance Columnist | 2 Comments

Seems like everyone has a twitter account these days, but which ones are any good? After carefully scouring and analyzing some of the best tweets out there we have complied a list of the top 75 most useful college education resources on Twitter for online and traditional students. Many of the tweets provide daily updates, links to useful articles, tips and advice on education topics.

1. Thefireorg: A non-profit, non-partisan educational organization defending and sustaining individual rights at America's colleges and universities.

2. Expression: Creative graphic design, game design and interactive media school offering daily updates from campus.

3. College Finance 101: A daily Tweet offering financial education for college students.

4. College Media Network: Tweet with updates from a network of 600 U.S. college newspapers nationnwide.

Twitter meets college and university learning.

Twitter is quickly sweeping many of the nation's colleges and universities. For online schools it's become an integral part to keeping up with students and professors, plus discovering new research and daily college news.

5. College Republicans: Daily updates from college Republican activist groups.

6. College Democrats: Daily Tweet dedicated to campus organization for college-age Democrats.

7. College Prowler: Regular college reviews and guides written by students, for students.

8. College Town Menu: Tweets from a website detailing local menus for restaurants around your college town.

9. College Finder: Resources on college financial aid, choosing schools, and other college topics and links to articles.

10. Education Generation: Regular updates from an organization dedicated to providing scholarships to promising students from developing countries.

11. Education Counselor: Resources for both online and traditional students: tips, tricks and links to relevant articles.

12. Business Schools: Twitter Stream detailing financial education topics from MoneyScience.

13. Guide to History: Ultimate Guide to US History, World History, American Government, Economics, Civics and more social sciences!

14. Marierush: Twitter Stream detailing various aspects of the educational field.

15. Robrobaco: Twitter Stream covering Teacher Training Institute, Train to Teach English as a Foreign, Second Language.

16. Zaidlearn: E-Learning Researcher’s Twitter Stream

17. Varsitytutors: Premier at-home tutoring services

18. RacetoCollege: College Crew Chief: Making college preparation and planning accessible to all.

19. Weknowmore: A young, innovative research organization active in the wide spectrum of knowledge management and organizational learning in non-profit sectors.

20. Edu411: Get the 411 on a wide range of career education issues.

21. Johnkhanshab: Educational Activities Twitter Stream.

22. Explorelearn: Learning/performance consultant, explorer, devil's advocate, media developer, nature lover, sociologist, eclectically curious gal.

23. CollegeLifeWeb: College Life | Not Reality Twitter Stream.

24. BeginCollegeNow: College Education and Career Headquarters!

25. Classes24Seven: Boost your income and increase your career opportunities when you earn your college degree online!

26. EvBarney: Learning Technology, Interactive Web Development and Design, Lifelong Learner.

27. STLA: IT Curriculum Support

28. Belizardi: Providers of primary leadership to highly successful enrollment and advising team and coaches working adults in technology and leadership graduate programs

29. Nursehub: Follow NurseHub to connect with nurses, whether you're an RN , LPN , CRNP , or CRNA

30. Edtimes: Twitter Stream for news within the field of education.

31. DEatNMT: Engineering School - Distance Education - Graduate Programs

32. Onlinecourse: One of the largest online learning websites on the net. Wish to meet fellow students, teachers, professors, EDU professionals in the twitter community.

33. eLearningPaige: Online Education Twitter Stream

34. Collegematching: Online college information and education resources to match you to the best college or university for your success.

35. CollegeSummit: College Summit is a national nonprofit organization that partners with schools and districts to strengthen college-going culture and increase college enrollment.

36. Onlinestudent: This is an RSS feed for online college students from any online university/college and for those thinking about pursuing an online degree.

37. Collegestyle:Fashion Website for College Students

38. CAOthegallery: Original works of art by college students from around the world. Paintings, sculptures, photographs less than $3,000. Updates by Director Adam Rosepink.

39. HealthyInAHurry: Quick nutrition and health tips for college students!

40. AskCBI: CBI represents college students involved in radio, television, webcasting and other related media ventures.

41. CollegeFitNews: Quick, easy, and inexpensive tips for college students keeping fit in the college setting (and post college).

42.ThinkTalk: ThinkTalk is career television for college students. We allow students to ask high-profile professionals questions about how to succeed in a variety of fields

43. GradeGuru: GradeGuru is a website for college students to share notes, learn from each other and earn rewards.

44. BuzzU: We connect companies to college students through innovative marketing programs that offer unprecedented access into college life.

45. Poorstudents: I'm just a poor college student who is trying to help other college students not be so poor!

46. Education Week: The official Tweet of Education Week, an American education magazine that covers diverse topics. The Tweet is mainly excerpts of significant stories from the larger magazine.

Colleges and Universities

46. Everest College: Tips and tricks to surviving in college, with commentary on productivity, college life and academics. Everest College has both traditional and online classes.

47. Allegheny College: Official Tweet of the national liberal arts college.

48. Bates College: Regular updates from a highly exclusive liberal arts college in Maine.

49. AndrewJacksonU: The Internet's most progressive and affordable college.

50. AshworthCollege: Ashworth College is a nationally accredited distance education institution. We welcome any questions you may have about our school!

51. WMNews: News from and about the College of William and Mary, operated by the Office of University Relations.

52. PennFoster: The world's leader in at-home education for over 100 years.

53. Drexelonline: Drexel Online offers 60+ fully-accredited master's, bachelor's, and certificate degree program 100% online.

54. Boisestatelive:Official Twitter of Boise State University

55. eCornell_online: Expanding the reach of Cornell University by delivering executive education, online.

56. KTPA_Careers: Global Educational Services Provider looking for talented individuals

57. AmerSentinel: American Sentinel offers Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees, and certification programs in Information Technology (IT), Business, and Healthcare.

58. TuftsUniversity: Founded in 1852 and located in Boston, Grafton and Medford/Somerville, Mass.

59. SaintLeoUniv: Saint Leo University is a leading provider of higher education to young adults, working adults, and military personnel looking to further their education.

60. RegentU: Regent offers fully accredited undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees both on campus and online. We shape Christian leaders.

College Humor

61. Lolztothewall: Time Wasters and College Humor Updated Daily

62. Collegewarrior: Welcome to The College Warrior blog where we help all you college dingleberries enrich and improve your ACADEMIC, SOCIAL, and INTELLECTUAL lives.

63. Lolflux: Welcome to the laugh out loud kingdom

University Professors

64. Gotoplanb: Visiting professor of online journalism at the University of Florida. News design and cognition researcher.

65. Catcloud: English professor; online distributor spiritual empowerment books, CDs, DVDs;

66. Philosophyandre: Philosophy professor, teacher, scholar, researcher, e-learning expert, voracious reaer, kindle fanatic, passionate coffee roaster.

67. Carol_phillips: Marketing professor at U. of Notre Dame and Millennial Marketing expert. Founder Brand Amplitude, LLC, market research firm

68. Shaunjamison: Coach, Law Professor, Speaker (Online Networking, Journaling, Life Balance, Toastmaster (DTM), #Attorney - Opinions Expressed Are My Own!

69. Dillonburroughs: Dillon Burroughs is a bestselling writer on issues of faith and culture.

70. Metromediaqueen: Photoshop Professor, part-time college student in the Arts, Graphic Designer, Video Producer, overall busy gal!

University Students

71. Misc: College student and other misc things.

72. AlexWhitcomb: An up and coming local racer at ThunderRoad, social networking fanatic, mac user, amateur and freelance journalist, photographer, and college student.

73. Jonupchurch: Web Developer, Programmer, Tech Editor, Writer, College Student, SEO, Solutions for Education, Owner: 1Up Web Development, LLC

74. Collegefashion: Full time college student / part time fashion blogger

75. WhosChrisHughes: Now Working On MLM Leadership Course, Social Media Nut, Love wearing Flip Flops, 5th Ranked Juggler in the World

Got a top tweeter that you would like to suggest? Let us know and we might just add them to the list.




College life isn't that simple, there were many struggles and problem that you need to surpass especially if your university is really strict. Studying will surely help you to become productive and have good grades in your deportment.

Carrie Over a year ago

Great list! I would add edgabbers - a community for distance learners!

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