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Top 20 Education Influencers You Need To Follow on Twitter in 2011...and Why

Dec 7, 2010 Shanon Woodruff, Columnist | 13 Comments

The best part of Twitter is finding those hidden, and sometimes not so hidden, personalities that seem to light up the world…well, the Twitterverse at least. This is especially true for the ever-growing technology focused field of education.

Education has taken Twitter by storm - and has made it its own. Holding insightful conversations and sharing the latest in news and opinions,  there is a myriad of education-focused personalities that have taken to Twitter, bending and shaping it to fit their growing needs. From students to universities, these influencers direct the edification conversation on Twitter.  They conquer over the other 50 million tweets per day with their amazing insights and 140-character nuggests of information.

Each of the influencers that we have chosen do an amazing job at creating tweets that focus on every aspect of education - from humor to scholarship information, and we wanted to take a moment to recognize and share with you those who we think are the top 20 education influencers on Twitter and why you should be following them.


1. @edu_tweets - Finding and posting the most interesting education links on the web.

 Why We Think They're Great

Covering everything from surviving college to tips for choosing the right degree, @edu_tweets, provided by, is a fountain of information on all things educational. Their tweets are an excellent source of guidance for any student, or student to be, who is in need of some helpful bit of advice on education.


2. @kylepace - K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist,presenter,author, edchat moderator,constant learner. I love teaching teachers about EdTech for student achievement.

Why We Think They're Great

Fun, enjoyable, informative, and most importantly entertaining - this is how we like to describe the tweets from @kylepace. A K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist, @kylepace offers his follows a variety of tweets that includes everything from parental guides for social media to interesting conversations.


3. @lizbdavis - I am an educator who strongly believes in the power of technology. Director of Academic Tech at Independent School outside Boston

Why We Think They're Great

Based more on a conversation about education and the influence that technology has on it, the tweets from @lizbdavis provides a platform for others in the Twitter world to have a well-informed and interesting discussion about the many changes and advancements that are occurring. So, if you are looking to join the education conversation, then @lizbdavis is the one for you. 


4. @khokanson - Technology Integration Coach~STAR Discovery Educator~PA Keystone~PAECT Regional Director~life long learner

Why We Think They're Great

A fascinating look into the world of education through the eyes of the technology loving teacher. @khokanson provides relevant, informative, and interesting tweets that keep her followers up to date on the latest and greatest in educational technology.


5. @EduCounselor - We are The Education Counselors. 

 Why We Think They're Great

Focusing on the day's issues surrounding education, @EduCounselor provides tweets that are chocked-full of wonderful educational tidbits that take a close look at every aspect of this complex field. Whether its Obama's plans for higher education or how to treat teachers, @EduCounselor is an amazing tweeter who anyone interested in education should be following.


6. @mrdatahs - Dad, husband, blogger, geek, technology director (roughly in that order)

Why We Think They're Great

@mrdatahs is brought to you by Chris Dawson, the guy behind the amazing articles at ZDNet Education.  This brilliant Twitter feed offers its followers a cornucopia of educational happenings. From technology to research, @mrdatahs is ideal for anyone interested in educationt to follow.


@christal_t - Educator who uses technology in the high school Comp.Sci. classroom. Tech. Dean for Houston Independent School. Computer Scientist, software developer for 15yrs

Why We Think They're Great

Straight from the frontline of education, @christal_t provides informative tweets grounded in her firsthand experience with the integration of technology into today's classrooms. @christal_t does and excellent job at providing her followers with relevant tweets that focus on everything from broadband coverage to study tips.


8. @stevehargadon - Educational Technologist

Why We Think They're Great

A Social Learning Consultant for Elluminate/Blackboard, founder of Classroom 2.0, and author or, @stevehargadon supplies his followers with a fresh look into the intersection of technology and education. @stevehargadon not only offers some excellent news on educational technology, but also witty thoughts and interesting bit of information.


9. @TechnologyInEd - Center for Implementing Technology in Education (CITEd).

 Why We Think They're Great

@TechnologyInEd, provided by the Center for Implementing Technology in Education (CITEd), offers its followers a wide-breadth of tweets that cover everything from educational technology to video suggestions. So, if you are looking for someone to follow who will keep you up to date on the everything education and technology, then @TechnologyInEd is for you.


10. @collegeadvice - College counselor, former professor, former college administrator, helping you find the right college for you

 Why We Think They're Great

Just like the name says, @collegeadvice is an excellent source of information for anyone in higher education who is looking for a little help. College rankings, test scores, and tuition information are just the tip of the iceberg of what @collegeadvice covers. If you're looking for some excellent advice about anything higher education, then @collegeadvice is your answer.


11. @mnjorgensen - English teacher, fascinated by Digital Narrative, YA literacy advocate, professional development consultant, usability & web dev, teaching in distance education

 Why We Think They're Great

The tweets that are brought to you by @mnjorgensen embrace the full spectrum technology and education. This Aussie English teacher not only works in the field of education, but also offers some great advice and clever bits of information to all those who follow him.


12. @darylljohnson - Applying technology in education, online learning, & what's happening in San Diego...

 Why We Think They're Great

An excellent mix of education, technology, and California fun, @darylljhohnson offers his followers a amazing assortment of tweets that will not only keep them informed on the latest happenings in online learning, but they will also have a nice chuckle along the way as well. @darylljohnson is ideal to follow if you are looking for an interesting and information source on educational technology.


13. @TechWarrior - Social Studies Specialist, EdTechie, Learning 2.0 guy. Family Guy. Love the Broncos and Red Sox.

Why We Think They're Great

A clever meld of the funny and educational, the tweets from @Techwarrior provide their followers with a broad range of tips, trick, links, and laughs. If you are looking for someone to follow who will not only help you develop a better understanding of the latest happenings in the world of education, but also have a nice chuckle along the way, then @Techwarrior is for you.


14. @eLearnMag - News, info, and opinion about online education and training

Why We Think They're Great

Just like their bio says, "news, info, and opinion about online education and training" are the specialities of @eLearnMag. Covering the gamut of educational technology issues, @LearnMag does an amazing job of keeping their followers informed and assumed.


15. @timlauer - Principal at Lewis Elementary School in Portland, Oregon.

 Why We Think They're Great

Hailing from Portland Oregon, @timlauer offers a flow of tweets that are the thoughts, insights, and musing of an elementary school principal. Addressing everything from technology in the classroom to the latest in class project, @timlauer does an amazing job of giving his followers a small peak into the exciting life of an elementary principal.


16. @Eduflack - Education comm and policy pro; author of Eduflack blog; Father; education agitator

Why We Think They're Great

Brought to you by the author of Eduflack, a blog that focuses on improving education through effective communication, @edulack offers its followers an amazing flow of information that keeps them on top of the latest happenings in the field of education. @Eduflack really leaves no educational stone un-turned - from science and teacher prep to education reform - he covers it all.


17. @MZimmer557 - Technology, Education, Integration and Life in a school in Kentucky...Husband and Father.

Why We Think They're Great

Taking his passion for education and technology to the crazy streets of twitter, @MZimmer557 offers his followers a plethora of education based tidbits that not only keep them informed, but they keep them entertained as well. Tweeting about everything from student journalism to technology in schools, @MZimmer557 is a must follow.


18. @elearningnews - A simple man trying to help schools embrace their inner geek. Oh, and I also write books in my spare time.

 Why We Think They're Great

From the mind of an Australian English teacher, the tweets from @elearningnews followers a fascinating conversation on a variety of topics, specifically technology and education. @elearningnews supplies his followers with a humous look at the world of education, and the part that technology has begun to play.

@markgammon - Social Technologist kicking it @ the intersection of people & technology | Social media/Community guy @ Rally Software | Tweets are my own | Auto DMs=grr

 Why We Think They're Great

While not always about education, @markgammon offers plenty of other gems that make him more than follow-worthy. Flooding his twitter feed with information on technology, life, and social media, @markgammon adds an interesting outlook to the world of Twitter. 


20. @emilyschoolsyou

 Why We Think They're Great

@emilyschoolsyou brings a Souther California view on education to the world of Twitter. Hailing from San Diego, @emilyschools keeps her twitter flow interesting and informative with the latest in news, events, and even her thoughts about the direction that education has taken.




Delaney Kirk Over a year ago

Gotta add @AngelaMaiers. I don't know anyone who is more passionate about quality education than she is.

Christina R. Over a year ago

Thanks for lighting up my twitter feed with way more people!

Rebecca Woodcock Over a year ago

Thanks for a great list of awesome edutweeters. I already follow some of these, but will definitely add to my Twitter PLN thanks to this article!

Mimimuircastle Over a year ago

Being able to know about and then follow the people who are leaders in education allows me on a daily basis to stay up to date on the latest innovations in education. The willingness of these experts to engage in conversations on Twitter makes their thinking and new ideas accessible to anyone who loves twitter as I do. I have even *twitter-sourced* papers by asking questions of these people and others via Twitter to enrich the content I am writing about. Twitter remains a unique tool for educators among others to thoughtfully communicate.

Omar Habayeb Over a year ago

This is a great list! It's about a year old, I would like to see what updates you have to it. Are these still members of the Educational Tech Twitterati?

Shanon__Woodruff Over a year ago

Thank you and good news! We will be posting the 2012 list in the next couple of weeks.

Emry Brandenburger Over a year ago

Thanks for this list...very helpful...

kaileep15 Over a year ago

I love social media and the fact that it can connect so many people from around the nation. How great for educators to have these people that they can connect with first hand when they otherwise would not be able to. Amazing!

Genniferbooth Over a year ago

I love social media. Twitter is an amazing resource that enhances our opportunity to excel in the classroom. I am thank for this

Ann Elmore Over a year ago

I'm new at Twitter and this article gave me some great places to start!

KDHucks Over a year ago

I have a twitter but rarely use it. It's nice to know that there are informational tweets out there, not just lame stuff. I'm always looking for more ways to use technology in my class, so it's nice to see these. I really wish there had been more content area twitters included as well. I teach music and am always on the lookout for other music teachers to learn from.

SmaragdaPapadopoulou Over a year ago

Thank you for sharing this!

Dereklaracuente Over a year ago

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