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Seven Online Degrees That Will Help You Become a Better Manager

Nov 29, 2010 Jennifer Williamson, Distance Columnist | 0 Comments

Want to make it into management? Competition is tough, especially in a difficult economy with 10% unemployment. Many companies are hiring managers from within or consolidating multiple management jobs so they have to hire fewer people. Still, someone has to take a leadership role in companies—and that someone could be you. Here are a few degrees that can improve your chances for landing a management role.

Master of Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is granted after one or two years of university study in the theory and practice of business. MBA graduates have general knowledge of all major organizational management roles—and an MBA is more likely than a Bachelor’s degree holder to be prepared for a management-level position. MBA degrees are widely available online for working professionals; some options include the University of Phoenix and Benedictine University.

Master of Business Administration: Entrepreneurship & Managing Innovation

This specialized MBA degree is ideal for those who are interested in stepping into leadership roles in the context of a dynamic, innovative company that relies on cutting-edge technologies. Entrepreneurship classes teach you what it really takes to manage a business—providing you with skills that will serve you well in leading your own company or taking a leadership role with an employer. Different areas of study may include venture capital financing, organizational development, team building and strategic communication.

Bachelor of Science in Global Business Management

With globalization, most top companies do business in multiple countries. This degree is ideal for those who are interested in taking on a management role in a global business setting.  Skills taught in a program like this one include international marketing, global trade and investment, human resource and value chain management, and finance in worldwide business.

Bachelor’s in Business Administration

A Bachelor’s in Business Administration provides students with four years of education in business and management practices, and will help graduates get off to a strong start in a business career. A Bachelor’s of Business Administration often includes courses in team management, decision-making skills, and technological strategies for business.

Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management

The Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management demonstrates a commitment to Human Resources—and positions graduates for management-track jobs in Human Resources.  Students enrolled in Human Resource Management Bachelor’s degrees learn skills such as recruitment strategy, hiring and selection, employee placement and motivation, labor relations, Human Resources planning, benefits administration, policy and procedure development, and employee compensation strategy. Some Human Resources programs also provide students with classes toward certifications such as International Human Resources Professional (IHRP) and Senior Human Resource Professional (SHRP).

Master of Organizational Leadership

This degree educates students in the details of how people and groups are motivated and behave at work. They focus on how managers can get better results from employees—through effective motivation and employee relations.  It stresses the hands-on application of management research in real-world business environments. In essence, graduates of Masters degree programs in Organizational Leadership know how to lead and motivate employees to the benefit of the business as a whole.

Master of Science in Leadership

There are several different degrees that focus on leadership skills in particular. But few schools offer a Masters-level degree focused on leadership alone. With many programs, leadership classes are included with other business classes to provide a less focused—but more well-rounded—education.

Still, a leadership degree can be highly useful for students who plan on moving into leadership positions within a company. Possible areas of study include global leadership, eCommerce leadership, business ethics, sustainable leadership practices, and organizational behavior.

If you’re interested in a management-level career, the degree you choose can make a big difference in how fast you get there. Business degrees can sometimes be customized depending on the individual student’s interests and career goals. In addition, if you’re already employed, your employer may be willing to reimburse or assist with tuition as part of a workforce development program. Online business degrees are widely available—and are an excellent choice for students who are already working full-time toward a leadership position. With one of these business degrees, you’re much more likely to get where you want to go.




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