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Seven Online Courses for New Pet Owners

Sep 8, 2008 Jennifer Williamson, Distance Columnist | 0 Comments

Got a new pet? As a pet owner, you have the responsibility of making sure your pet is healthy, well-nourished and well-cared-for.  While most pet owners simply buy the food, buy the litter or cage or leash, and hope for the best, there’s often more to keeping your pet happy and healthy than you realize.  Here are a few online courses that will help you care for your animals.

General Animal Care

This course is designed for people interested in going into a career in animal management, but it can be extremely useful to new pet owners as well.  It helps students understand the general needs of animals, as well as identifying breeds—a skill that will help you decide which breed of pet is right for you.  It covers a wide range of household pets, including cats, dogs, reptiles and amphibians, hamsters and guinea pigs, and even horses.

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Animal Health


A new pet owner experiences the adventures of dog training. Her dog gets to see what the other side of the leash looks like.



This course will help you recognize healthy and sick animals, monitor vital signs, and diagnose basic problems.  The course is designed for both livestock and pet owners, and will teach you the basics of healthy feeding; disease carriers; ticks, fleas and other common parasites; disease control; and how to recognize signs of disease.

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Energy Healing for Animals

If energy healing is your thing, you can apply your skills to pets, livestock and even wild animals as well.  This course teaches you the differences between human and animal healing; different energy healing techniques and tools; the link between animals and their environment; and more.  Good for anyone who wants to start an energy healing practice with a focus on animals, or anyone who wants to use these practices with their own pets.

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Aquarium and Fishkeeping

Starting an aquarium? This course will teach you what you need to know in order to manage a healthy aquarium.  Topics of study include aquarium equipment, maintaining healthy water, choosing the right mix of species, breeding, and ongoing care.  At the end of the course you’ll earn an Aquarium and Fishkeeping Certificate from Stonebridge Associated Colleges.

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Care of the Stable-Kept Horse

This course is for anyone keeping a horse stabled.  Horses are naturally free-roaming creatures, and confining a horse to a stable for significant amounts of time can cause health and behavioral problems—if you don’t approach it the right way.  This course will help you keep your stabled horse healthy.  Topics include natural equine behavior and stabling’s effects on it; common behavioral ailments including cribbing and rubbing, and how to prevent them; appropriate feeding practices; how to choose the right bedding; and how you can keep your horse healthy in a stable without breaking the bank.

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Keeping Horses and Ponies in Pastures

It’s more natural for a horse to live in a pasture than in a barn, but even pastured horses need care.  This course will teach you how to make sure your pastured horse gets a balanced diet; problems to watch for, especially during the spring and periods where the grass is rich; seasonal care for the pastured horse; natural behavior and how to manage a group of horses in a pasture; and more.  Through this course you’ll learn how to keep your pastured horse healthy year-round.

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Equine Wounds and Ailments

This course is designed to introduce horse owners to common types of wounds, how to treat them, and basic first aid skills for horses.  After this course you’ll know when to call the vet and how to help them in their work; common ailments, injuries and wounds; the horse’s healing process; and how to encourage your horse to heal.

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As a pet owner, your responsibility is to make sure your animal is happy and healthy.  This involves feeding them nutritious meals, recognizing signs of illness, understanding basic pet psychology, and knowing when you can take care of a problem yourself and when to call the vet.  With these classes, you’ll have more knowledge than most pet owners—and you’ll be able to ensure your pet is happy, healthy and lives a long life.




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