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Seven Jobs You Can Get With an Online Sociology Degree

Apr 18, 2008 Jennifer Williamson, Distance Columnist | 0 Comments

Sociology is the study of human behavior within groups.  An online sociology degree will teach you how to study and analyze group behavior within different societies and cultures.  Sociology majors study how gender, race, religious background, and social class affect the way groups of people behave.  They learn how to design studies, conduct research, and analyze data.  A sociology degree will give you a strong understanding of group dynamics, as well as statistical analysis and research skills.

There are many jobs open to graduates with Bachelor’s degrees in sociology.  The right one for you depends on your interests.  Here are just a few options you’ll have as a sociology major. Also check the options you have for online sociology degrees.

Social worker

Some sociology majors have a passion for social justice.  These people tend to be particularly interested in how societies deal with their fringe members, and some have strong altruistic tendencies themselves.  These sociology majors tend to go into social welfare careers such as social work, counseling, and community outreach.  These careers are available within government, religious, and nonprofit organizations, and they are often open to those with a Bachelor’s degree, although some positions may require additional training or certification.

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Sociology majors who are fascinated with how the human mind works often go into psychology.  To practice, you’ll need a postgraduate degree; a Bachelor’s degree in sociology will prepare you for graduate study.  If you want to work in a related field without going into higher education, look into counseling and life coaching.  These careers may require a certification, but are generally open to those with Bachelor’s degrees.

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Police officer

The study of criminal justice is also a facet of sociology, and some students are particularly interested in how societies deal with crime and punishment.  Of those, some go into law enforcement.  Careers that fall into this category include police officers, corrections officers, bailiffs, detectives, and crime scene investigators.  All of these careers require a full understanding of how the human mind works as well as the many cultural factors that drive human behavior.

Market research analyst

If you love to conduct studies and analyze data on group behavior, you may be best suited for a position as a market research analyst.  This job involves designing and implementing studies that seek to understand the behaviors of consumers, with an eye toward how to create successful marketing campaigns to reach them.  These careers are often open to those with Bachelor’s degrees.

Policy analyst

Policy analysts also conduct studies, but not for market research.  Rather, they study how certain government policies will affect different groups of people within a country.  These careers are usually found within government.  Like market research analysts, policy analysts must conduct studies and analyze statistics.  However, many policy analyst positions require an advanced degree.

International businessperson

Sociology majors have skills that are highly valued within international corporations; they have the ability to help these businesses understand the motivations of international customers.  Sociology majors who are interested in international cultures may find a rewarding career in business.  Possible careers might include overseas marketing, market research, or international sales.

Human resources manager

Sociology also involves the study of labor.  Students with an interest in labor relations may go into human resources within a company.  These jobs are generally open to those with Bachelor’s degrees.  They allow graduates to use their skills at understanding group behavior to help companies develop effective employee attraction and retention policies, as well as to reach out to the best-qualified people for each job.

Sociology degrees provide students with skills that are highly useful across a range of industries.  These skills allow organizations to discover how their policies affect group behavior, and how to effectively reach, educate, and sell to different groups of people.  Sociology graduates often go into social and criminal justice, corporate careers, government analysis, psychology, and many other areas.  With an online sociology degree program, you’ll have a lot of options—and a lot to offer prospective employers.




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