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Seven Jobs You Can Get With an Associate's Degree in Business

Mar 5, 2008 Jennifer Williamson, Distance Columnist | 1 Comments

A Bachelor’s degree opens a lot of doors in the corporate world.  But college is expensive, and not everybody has the money—or the time—to earn a four-year degree.  Fortunately, you can still get a foot in the door at many companies with an Associate's degree in business.  Choose a company with a good tuition reimbursement program, and you may be able to earn a Bachelor’s later—without paying for it.  Here are seven careers that are open to those with an Associate's degree in business.

Customer service representative

As a customer service rep, you are the voice of your company.  When customers call with a question, complaint, or request, they talk to you.  As such, your job is incredibly important—and your skill at handling customer communication will reflect on the company you work for.  People in this career may talk to customers by phone, email, live chat, or in person. 

Traditionally, these jobs have been open to anyone with a high school degree, but companies are beginning to hold applicants to higher standards.  An Associate's in business would make you an attractive potential employee.

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Bookkeeping or accounting clerk

You don’t need an advanced degree in accounting to work with a company’s financial records.  Bookkeeping and accounting clerks maintain accounting records, keep track of bills and invoices, and track a company’s expenses and profits.  An Associate's degree in business or finance will qualify you for many entry-level positions, and most companies provide on-the-job training once you’re hired.

Advertising sales agent

These sales professionals sell advertising space.  They often work for magazines, periodicals, newspapers, television and radio stations.  Most entry-level jobs involve soliciting new business over the phone; however, there is room for growth within this field—if you have a strong sales record, you could advance to a managerial position.  Large companies tend to prefer applicants with Bachelor’s degrees, but smaller companies are generally more open to those with Associate's degrees.  Experience and skill are also important qualifications. 

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Claims adjuster or appraiser

As a claims adjuster or appraiser, it will be your job to investigate insurance claims for your company.  You’ll decide how much the damage is worth and whether it’s covered in the claimant’s policy, and you’ll negotiate settlement with the insurance company.  These jobs are open to those with an Associate's degree.  Someone with a business background might be specially suited to handling workplace-related claims. 

Administrative services manager

As an administrative services employee, you play a lot of roles within a company.  Your job may include handling front desk duties, coordinating meetings, setting up and organizing corporate events, or managing a top executive’s schedule.  Entry-level jobs in the field are often open to anyone with the appropriate experience, although an Associate's degree in business may give you an edge over even experienced candidates without a college degree.

Retail salesperson

In retail sales, you’ll be the public face of the store you work for.  You’ll talk to customers to determine their needs, make recommendations and help guide their purchases, and handle returns and exchanges.  This job requires excellent customer service skills as well as an affinity for face-to-face sales.  At most stores, these jobs are open to anyone with a high school degree; however, an Associate's degree in business will give you an edge, and it may qualify you for advancement into a managerial position.

Tax revenue agent

You don’t need an advanced degree in accounting and finance to work as a tax examiner, revenue agent, auditor, or collector.  While jobs in this field at the federal level usually require a Bachelor’s degree, jobs at the state and local level often don’t.  In 2006, a Bureau of Labor Statistics study showed that 25% of the government’s tax examiners, revenue agents, and collectors have only a high school-level education—or less.  An Associate's degree in business may qualify you over other applicants at the state or local level.

These jobs are all available to those with an Associate's degree in business. For some, they become a lifelong career; for others, they provide opportunities for tuition reimbursement and advancement to higher-level positions.  Either way, an Associate's degree in business will help you land the job.

Schools Offering Associates in Business:
Liberty University - Associate's of Arts in Business




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