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Online Nonprofit Management Degrees: A Look at Your Options

Oct 12, 2012 Jennifer Williamson, Distance Columnist | 0 Comments

The nonprofit sector has grown more challenging in recent years—with increased government oversight and, with a difficult economy causing both government and private budget problems, an increasingly competitive environment for funding. Those interested in a leadership role within the nonprofit sector need to bring significant expertise to the table—expertise that can be developed in a leadership-oriented degree program.  Here are a few online programs, designed for busy working professionals, that can help you move to the next level in your nonprofit career.

Online Master of Science in Psychology: Organizational Psychology and Nonprofit Management

This degree program was designed for those interested in an organizational leadership role within nonprofits. Students develop in-depth expertise in organizational psychology—and how this area of expertise can impact and enhance nonprofit operations. Topics covered include contemporary issues in the field of psychology, business concepts, statistics,
foundational studies for graduate psychology students, research fundamentals,
an introduction to the nonprofit sector, board governance, volunteer recruitment
and management, resource development, and organizational leadership skills.


No matter your nonprofit interests, there’s an online degree program out there that will help you develop the skills and expertise you need to move into a leadership role.

Online Master of Science in Nonprofit Management

This Masters degree program from Robert Morris University is focused exclusively on leadership and management skills for the nonprofit sector. It applies best practices in corporate leadership, management, and business acumen to a nonprofit environment, adjusting to accommodate the nonprofit sector.

Master of Public Administration: Nonprofit Organizations

This Master of Public Administration from the University of Upper Iowa is designed for students interested in assuming a leadership role in the nonprofit and government agency sector. It focuses on balancing democratic values with market efficiency in the interest of public benefit. Courses include an introduction to nonprofit governance and leadership, financial management for government agencies and nonprofits, grantwriting and funding, administration, strategic management, and Infromation Systems for public agencies and organizations.

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services: Management of Nonprofit Agencies

This degree program from Capella University is designed to help students deal with more government insight in nonprofit programs, competitive funding environments, and other factors that have made working in the nonprofit sector more challenging in recent years. Topics covered include board management, diversity, nonprofit advocacy, funding and grantwriting, nonprofit ethics, program and project management, and resource allocation and oversight.

Online PhD in Public Policy & Administration: Nonprofit Management and Leadership

This degree program from Walden University focuses on both nonprofit and government agency leadership positions. Designed for advanced leadership positions as well as academic and consulting positions, it is ideal for students who are interested in developing strong expertise in public policy issues and advanced change management. Acceptance requires a Masters degree.

Master of Public Administration in Nonprofit Management and Leadership

This degree program is designed for those who are interested in developing an understanding of public service management. Topics covered include an introduction to public administration, ethics and social justice leadership, organizational management, budgte oversight and economics, Human Resource management, strategic planning, board governance and volunteer corps management, and research and evaluation methodology.

No matter your nonprofit interests, there’s an online degree program out there that will help you develop the skills and expertise you need to move into a leadership role. There are plenty of Masters-level programs out there that focus on nonprofit leadership from a business, psychology, public policy, and change management perspective. And a PhD program would provide an even higher level of qualification—as well as open the door to academic and consulting positions within the nonprofit sector. Take the time to research different degree programs available, and you’re sure to find one that works for you.




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