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Online College Degrees Help You Get More Dates and Fresher Breath

May 30, 2007 Jennifer Williamson, Distance Columnist | 0 Comments

When we go to college, most of us expect to find love

Between the party scene, the many campus activities, and the co-ed dorms, we all assume that romance will be a big part of our college experience.  For many of us, college is where we broke out of our high school shells and spread our wings.

One of the problems with an online education is a perceived lack of opportunity to meet the opposite sex.  But are you really doomed to a dateless existence if you go the online route?  We suggest you’re not—and that an online education might in fact increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex.  Here’s why.

Let’s face it—despite the millions of students enrolled in online degree programs, it’s still not the norm.  Most college and post-college students take the traditional route.  That makes you different.

You’re clearly a determined person—and probably one with a story

student with laptop

So how does “different” translate into “sexy”? Simple: there’s a reason why you went the online route, right? You might have had to pay your own way while working a full-time job.  Or maybe you’re taking care of a family member while you get your degree.  There are hundreds of challenges online students face—challenges that make you a smarter, more determined, and more responsible individual. 

Don’t be afraid to touch on your story when you’re talking to someone you’re interested in.  Don’t get emotional, but make sure they see the special challenges you’ve faced.  Anyone who overcomes adversity is intriguing to the opposite sex—and it definitely sets you apart from the typical college crowd.

You’re ambitious—and ambitious is sexy 

Unlike traditional college students, many students going to college online aren’t just in it for the frat parties.  They’re working hard toward a specific career goal.  As an online student, you’re likely to be more ambitious and focused than a student in a typical college.  You know exactly what you want, and you’re taking steps to achieve it.

There’s no question that ambition is a sexy trait—one that turns the heads of men and women alike.  When you’re with the opposite sex, don’t hesitate to talk about your career goals—and the steps you’re taking to get there.

You’re smart

Anyone who’s pursuing higher education is going to become better-read, more aware of the world around them, and able to converse intelligently on more topics.  Smart is sexy—especially if you’ve got the conversation skills to match.

The more you know, the more people you’ll be able to hold a smart, interesting conversation with.  This widens your scope in the dating field—you’ll be able to talk to more people than you would without a degree. 

You’ve got some serious earning potential

Studies show that people with a Master’s degree earn about $10,000 more per year than those without.   Many online students are going for their Masters—especially MBA’s.  But no matter what you’re studying, there’s no question that an online degree increases your earning potential.  And that makes you sexy.

Many would say that’s unfortunate, but it’s true—most people automatically look to others of roughly the same socio-economic level for romance.   Raise your income level, and you also raise the number of people who find you romantically appealing.

You’ve got a wide dating base

As an online student, you’ve got potential dates literally at your fingertips.  True, many of the students you chat with online will be located in different cities.  But if you find someone interesting in one of your classes who lives in your area, why not ask them out for coffee?

The good thing about online classes is that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with the opposite sex online—and we all know online discussions can get flirty.  Even better, online dating is becoming more and more accepted in our society.  That means you won’t be considered strange or creepy if you ask a local student to go over notes at a local coffee shop. 

You’ve got better breath?

Okay, we may not be able to help you there—unless you’re enrolling in an online dental hygienist program.  But if you do go to class without brushing your teeth a few days in a row, it sure won’t bother the other students in an online program.  Many people like the freedom online college programs offer: you’re not judged on your appearance; only your competence.  For many of us, that’s the ideal dating scenario.




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