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Nine Courses To Help You Care for a Child with Learning Disabilities

Nov 7, 2008 Jennifer Williamson, Distance Columnist | 2 Comments

It’s never easy being a parent.  But parents of children with special needs face particular challenges when dealing with their children’s education, medical needs, behavioral issues, social issues, and much more.  Parents often find that they must become experts in medical terminology and the health care system, special needs education, nutrition and fitness, and many other areas in order to be effective advocates for their children.  It’s a tough challenge, but it’s not impossible.  Here are a few online classes that can help.

Caring for People With Learning Disabilities

There are many aspects to caring for a child with learning disabilities that parents often feel ill-prepared to face, including dealing with challenging behaviors, managing sexuality, and tutoring skills for the learning disabled.  This course prepares caregivers for multiple challenges they may face in caring for children of all ages with special needs.

Social and Emotional Learning

A group of young children

Kids can present many challenges especially those with special needs. Many available online courses and resources especially for kids with learning issues can help you to deal with this challenge.




Depending on your child’s type of disability, she may face intellectual challenges but be highly emotionally tuned to those around her.  An online class on social and emotional learning can help you tap into your child’s hidden emotional strengths, and use them to help your child refine her learning strategies.

Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout

All parents face stress in their lives.  But parents of children with special needs often face a heavier stress burden than those without. It’s essential to take care of yourself, however, or you won’t be able to effectively care for those who depend on you.  An online class on stress management can help you prevent burnout and cope with difficult care giving responsibilities.


Online counseling classes
teach students how to actively listen and understand the motivations of others.  These skills are invaluable when raising a special needs child, whether you’re dealing with your child, your family members, or educational or medical professionals.


As the parent, you’ll need to be an advocate for your child throughout his life.  You’ll have to deal with medical professionals, teachers, counselors, school administrative staff, and a host of other people in ensuring your child’s needs are met.  An online course in negotiation, even if it’s geared toward a business environment, can teach you valuable lessons in effective communication and getting what you want in any interpersonal situation.

Nutrition for Children and Adolescents

You’ll need to keep your child healthy by ensuring a balanced diet.  This is often a challenge for parents, but an online class in nutrition can help.  This class focuses on nutrition for children and teenagers, and it covers essential nutrients and micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, functional foods, and how food can affect behaviors and diagnoses such as ADHD, diabetes, autism spectrum disorder, and obesity.

Fitness and Exercise

Good nutrition is necessary for leading a healthy life, but so is fitness.  Even with children who have special needs, it’s essential to start promoting an active lifestyle early on. This pre-school fitness class is geared toward fitness for parents of young children, but its lessons can also benefit parents of special-needs children at any age. It teaches parents the basics of physical education and fun physical activities to promote fitness.

Effective Parenting Skills

Children don’t come with a user’s manual, but there are courses that can teach you effective parenting techniques for kids with and without special needs.  This basic parenting skills class teaches you how to actively listen, communicate, and teach your child to accept responsibility.

School Time Phonics

You can augment your child’s learning at home with a program that emphasizes learning to read through phonics online.  Use a class like this to help students learn to read outside the classroom or augment in-class lessons on reading.

Caring for a child with special needs is not easy.  But help is out there for parents and caretakers.  An online class in parenting, home schooling, nutrition and fitness, counseling or stress management is often ideal for busy parents, because they don’t require a long commute or regular attendance that can be difficult to work into a hectic schedule.  Do some research into classes like these, and you may be better equipped to care for your child.




Christy Weller Over a year ago

I think this is a great way of teaching kids with special needs. I found this article very interesting and think it would help children with special needs alot. Over a year ago

All of the listed courses for a children could really give them a good chance of having a better way of school learning despite f\of their personal and physical illness. This way, they will be still able to get good learning in school with the used of these offered courses.

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