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Kindle Fire Giveaway

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Dec 2, 2011 Ben Pfeiffer, Columnist | 0 Comments

Kindel Fire Giveaway

We're Celebrating our 5th Anniversary

with a Kindle Fire Giveaway!

What You Need To Do:

  1. Visit our extensive library of online education articles and find an article you like from the 100’s published.
  2. Leave an insightful comment in the article. Give us your opinion, thoughts, and tips to improve the information!
  3. Then Like/Share the article on Facebook. (optional, but we would greatly appreciate it)
  4. And that’s it - it’s that simple! No need to give us your email, personal info, nothing.


Update: This giveaway is now closed! We want to congratulation Pat Babcock (#201 comment) for participating and winning the Kindle Fire! Stay tuned for more giveaways coming in 2012!

Official Rules:

There is a limit of one entry per article per person. Winner will be notified via their account.

No purchase necessary to participate in this contest. You must be a U.S. resident to participate. You must use a valid email address in order to participate in this contest in the event we need to contact you to let you know you have won. Participants may use their personal facebook account to share or a company FB page, either type of account is acceptable. Comments that include promotional links to external websites, contain no real information, extremely short, or mention anything that is not family friendly will be defined as spam and removed immediately. They will not count toward the contest. It’s up to the sole discretion of Indigo Education, LLC to remove any offending comments as they see fit.  





Ben Pfeiffer

An entrepreneur with over 15 years experience working in online education, e-learning technology, internet marketing and SEO.

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Libbyrinn Over a year ago


I love this site! I plan on putting a link on my homeschooling site.

Halehawk Over a year ago

I want to win. (This is not particularly insightful, but I'll look around and post something when I am inspired.)

Kim Caise Over a year ago

I hear the kindle fires are great to use in the classroom with students - would love to win one for my nieces!

Amersj Over a year ago

It would awesome to win a kindle fire!

Free Giveaways Online Over a year ago

Wow! That's great I wan to win too, thanks for sharing!

Ben Pfeiffer Over a year ago

Awesome, please do!

Ben Pfeiffer Over a year ago

They are! Thanks for entering. We really do appreciate it.

Eduthusiast Over a year ago

Awesome Contest. =)

Eduthusiast Over a year ago

Read several articles and commented on one of my favorites. Tons of great information here. I will have to share this resource with my friends and readers.
Good luck to everyone entering. Awesome Prize btw =)

Scott Over a year ago

This is a great contest. If you want more views, I would post this on Slickdeals dot net and online-sweepstakes dot com. Hopefully, this is insightful. :)

Richwash64 Over a year ago


Bonnie McAfee Over a year ago

Generous giveaway. Thanks! I'll definitely read some of the articles here.

Valerie Over a year ago

Great giveaway!!!

sandy Over a year ago

looks grear

Godlyman Over a year ago

I have enjoyed all your info!

Nikki Burke Over a year ago

This looks very imformative. Thanks for the info and giveaway

Lois Payton Over a year ago

I would loveo win this great prize, GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS

Kasey Kollman Over a year ago

Five Tips for Breaking Bad Study Habits

sweepster49 Over a year ago

I found the article on How to Take an Online Course for Free quite informative. As a low income earner, I'm always looking for ways to improve my education at a price I can afford. If I'm able to suppliment my fee, so much the better. I found Open Courseware very interesting. Thanks.

V. Chrzanowski Over a year ago

President Obama's 2011 Executive Order on Student Loans: What it Means For You... I feel that student loans are important for students to be able to compete on a worldwide level.

Jacob Matthew Over a year ago

I love your site site. It covers so many areas of education that I support (such as online classes) that really allow people to take courses and get their education even if they work or have kids or some other aspect that keeps them from attending college on the traditional manner. Non-traditional methods of higher edication is a great area to build and build upon.

Jean F Over a year ago

I read your article about online business degree programs. It concerned me that most of the programs listed were at for profit universities. Many public universities and other non-profit schools also offer these programs online or in a hybrid program of mostly distance learning combined with limited on campus experiences. These programs tend to be more modestly priced than many listed in the article and often are provided by schools with longstanding good reputations.

Christie R Over a year ago

I read your article titled, "20 College Education Influencers on Twitter You Need to Follow and Why." I was surprised to find that there are educators utilizing Twitter, to give insightful and information tidbits! One of my new favorites is @newgradlife. They give great information to help the college grads find their path and how to ace an interview. Thanks for the great info!

How to Negotiate Your Financial Aid Package was a good article but it could use more fleshing out. Felt short and lacked depth of information.

Jerspohn Over a year ago

I read the article about "Pitfall of For Profit Education; Make Sure they Don't Happen to You" and made a comment. I think that visiting an institution is a prereguisite to 'signing on'. For online endeavors, it would be helpful to 'test drive' a short course before full enrollment. Such auditing of coursework would help the learner see if they indeed have the stamina and drive to complete such coursework without the 'supervision and structure' facetime classes provide. Having taught some online courses for educators, had students that didn't 'show up' at the keyboard and yet thought they should receive credit. Online learning can be great with the correct mindset!

Ben Pfeiffer Over a year ago

Awesome, thanks Bonnie! Please share with your friends. We think its one of the easiest to participate giveaways going on this month.

Ben Pfeiffer Over a year ago

Scott thanks for the tips. I actually submitted to both last week and we got listed on Online Sweepstakes. Thanks again.

Ben Pfeiffer Over a year ago

Great glad you enjoyed it! That why we wrote it to help those that are looking for lower cost options for their own personal education.

Ben Pfeiffer Over a year ago

Thanks Jacob for the nice compliments. We appreciate you visiting and hope you will tell your friends!

Ben Pfeiffer Over a year ago

I totally agree @newgradlife is a great account to follow!

Ben Pfeiffer Over a year ago

I agree. However most online schools do allow you to demo classes so you can see if they work for you or not.

Doc Holliday 7 Months ago

Commented on your Low GPA Law School piece.

Then liked the the article on FaceBook

mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

Ann Elmore Over a year ago

Thanks for the information on Twitter.

The6Lindahls Over a year ago

Would LOVE a Kindle Fire!!!!!

Terra Eash 9 Months ago

I love the article outlining 135 free online courses http://www.distance-educati...
I would love to take the course from Johns Hopkins University about Nutritional Health, Food Production, and the Environment. I love that all of this important information is available for free and sponsored by reputable schools of higher education.

Wyatt Earp Over a year ago

commented on nursing post

mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

Kelly Commerford 9 Months ago

Commented & shared on FB as kcthelush

eslconsult Over a year ago

I would love to own one of these devices. Reading on the go and other apps sounds so inviting. I hope I am the lucky winner!

eslconsult Over a year ago

Great idea

Patti jamison Over a year ago

Would love to win

erma Hurtt Over a year ago

Very good articles.

CaseyDeuce Over a year ago

Left my comment on a great article! Thanks for the chance! caseyscouch at yahoo dot com

Guest Over a year ago


Nicole Zerbini 9 Months ago

I commented on this article: http://www.distance-educati...

Thank you for the giveaway!

lisaray56 Over a year ago

I commented on "Should You Follow Your Passion? Pros and Cons ." Hmmm. I could have used THIS article 35 years ago!

Donna L Over a year ago

Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

Ashley Velarde Over a year ago

I love site liket this. I just graduated college and havn't decided what career to take so this is helpful!

Christy Weller Over a year ago

There are many great articles here to read. Thank you for the giveaway.

Sweeper4 Over a year ago

I think this is informational thank you for all the information

Carolinefairywisper Over a year ago

what is the age limit?

kathy pease 7 Months ago

i like the article When Your Parents Won't Help You Pay For College ..Never going to college either myself or my husband have decided it is pretty much impossible to pay for our kids college. We need to save for our retirement because im sure our kids wont pay our bills when we get older. So growing up we told our kids the importance of getting good grades and the chances at better scholarships, but my kids chose more to hang out with friends than worry about report cards. So my daughter is in her second year of college working and paying her own loans


Ben Pfeiffer Over a year ago

Age 13 and above.

M Coleman 9 Months ago

I was very impressed with the first article I read. Then, I ran across this one that really shocked me. I left a comment.

Jimmy Over a year ago

I like the "Five Tips for Breaking Bad Study Habits" article. I found it difficult to plan study time in college. In high school, you're given work little by little. In college, you're told everything you need to do on the first day and it's up to you to decide when you need to start working on assignments. The tip about being efficient with time is important.

Eve @ EverydayEve 9 Months ago

Thanks so much for the chance to win- I want one sooo bad!! :-) (evelester @

barbara hunt Over a year ago

Thanks for the great contest!

eslconsult Over a year ago

Who won?...Me..? doubtful

Ben Pfeiffer Over a year ago

We are randomly drawing the winner today! We will announce it this afternoon! Stay tuned.

Ben Pfeiffer Over a year ago

Winner to be announced shortly! Thank you everyone for participating in the giveaway and contributing your thoughtful comments to the site. We had some amazingly smart and insightful comments on many of the issues that face students and educators in online education today.