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Great Authors That Never Went To College [Infographic]

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Sep 14, 2011 Ben Pfeiffer, Columnist | 0 Comments

Great Authors (Inforgraphic)

Who says you need to go to college. Some of greatest writers of all time never even stepped foot in a college classroom. From Shakespeare to Ray Bradry, this infographic takes a close look at  those great authors who said no to school and yes to life.




Ben Pfeiffer

An entrepreneur with over 15 years experience working in online education, e-learning technology, internet marketing and SEO.

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Mmmyep Over a year ago

I understand the intent of this, and good job of it, but your listing of the number of works for college attendee writers seems like it might be incomplete. I can't claim to know with absolute certainty about all of the writers listed, but I know Stephen King has published lots of short stories and some essays in magazines, and based on his library of novels published being somewhere around 70, it would seem like you didn't count those for him.

Jmasdio1 Over a year ago

great authors who never went to college....great authors whom we have come to know

Dan Patterson Over a year ago

Very interesting article, and a few of these I was honestly surprised about. I would have thought given the quality of Bradbury's writings that he would be a college grad, but I was obviously wrong! For some of the older authors it isn't too surprising though. Nice graphic!

Funny that Dan and I clicked on the infographic :-) This is very cool. I am surprised over Agatha Christie. And that Ben Pfeiffer is the author of this!

Ben Pfeiffer Over a year ago

Haha. Well someone has to author this thing so I accepted the responsibility. Yes, I agree Agatha Christie is surprised. I was also surprised Stieg Larsson never finished as well.

SmaragdaPapadopoulou Over a year ago

This proves that some had inherent talent!