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  • Finding Teaching Scholarships: Where to Look

    #Sep 24, 2012  |  #Jennifer Williamson  |  #0 Comments

    As of 2009, there were over 7 million teachers in US schools. Of those, more than three million worked in elementary and middle school; the rest could be found in secondary, postsecondary, preschool, and kindergarten positions—as well as in special education...

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  • The 10 Best Places to Find Scholarships on Twitter

    #Sep 28, 2011  |  #Shanon Woodruff  |  #4 Comments

    It's no secret that there are thousands of scholarships out there just waiting to be snatched up by eager college bound students in need of some financial assistance, but finding them can be quit a tedious task...

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  • Best Places to Look for Online Scholarships

    #Mar 28, 2011  |  #Jennifer Williamson  |  #0 Comments

    If you’re enrolled in college—or planning to go—it’s never too early or too late to start applying for scholarships. Scholarship money doesn’t have to be repaid, so naturally it’s the best kind of financial aid to have...

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  • How Not to Get a Scholarship: Six Tips For Sinking Your Chances

    #Jan 7, 2011  |  #Jennifer Williamson  |  #1 Comments

    When it comes to financial aid, grants and scholarships are by far the best kind to get. They’re basically free money that you don’t have to pay back...

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  • Seven Tips for Writing Strong Grant Proposals

    #Sep 24, 2010  |  #Jennifer Williamson  |  #2 Comments

    Writing a grant proposal is no easy endeavor. Funding agencies want to fund projects that are likely to do the most good—and that are in keeping with their goals...

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