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  • Five Tips for Getting Your Master's Faster

    #Dec 10, 2013  |  #Jennifer Williamson  |  #1 Comments

    Getting a Master’s degree isn’t easy. And the length of time it takes to earn one depends on the subject. A Master’s degree program can take as little as one year to complete or as many as three, but most Master’s programs usually take about two years of full-time study...

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  • Six Ways to Pay for Grad School Without Taking Out a Loan

    #Jan 4, 2012  |  #Jennifer Williamson  |  #0 Comments

    The national debt deal that passed this summer didn’t do graduate students any favors. Coming in July 2012, graduate and professional students will no longer be able to take out any subsidized federal loans...

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  • How to Prepare for Medical School

    #Jul 29, 2011  |  #Jennifer Williamson  |  #0 Comments

    Medical schools are some of the most selective in the world—and they attract some of the country’s best and brightest students. It’s not easy to get in, but your chances are increased with some targeted preparation...

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  • Five Tips for Getting Into Medical School-Even With a Low MCAT Score

    #Jan 18, 2011  |  #Jennifer Williamson  |  #3 Comments

    The common wisdom is that to get into medical school, you need to have at least a 29 or a 30 on your MCAT. The truth is that while this is about the median range for people who enter medical school, it is possible to get in with a lower MCAT score...

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  • Going to Grad School? How Your Financial Aid Will Change

    #Dec 31, 2010  |  #Jennifer Williamson  |  #1 Comments

    Graduate school is expensive—sometimes as expensive as undergraduate degree programs. You’ll find that a lot of things change between undergrad and graduate programs, however—including your financial aid landscape...

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