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Crazy Sh*T College Students Say On Twitter

Nov 15, 2010 Shanon Woodruff, Columnist | 6 Comments

Twitter has become one of the best places to find and share all types of information, and you can bet that college students have hitched their carts to that bandwagon. So it's not surprising that they, like with everything else they become a part of, have a tendency to not think before they tweet.

Twitter has become filled to the brim with students who say the darndest things. Opening up to the whole world about their latest crushes, intoxicating classes, and even the days they play hooky to get a little video game time. All of which makes for an eye-opening read.

So, we took some time and collected the craziest tweets we could find that made us smile, laugh, and on occasion even gasp. This list is just a small sampling of the colorful tidbits we came across in our travels through the college twittershpere, and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we have.

Still Drunk...

@Preachy_Preach: Omg! In class looking a straight mess.. I might still be drunk. Lol

@_AveryShawn_: This girl is looking up how to make christmas shots in class..#drunk.

@csnethen: Im wayyyy too drunk for class right now. This is a problem

@Kevbot34: The worst part bout goin to class right now is thhat I'm still drunk....HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLA

@ChristopherJmz: Hate waking up drunk to class!

@meglish: Last class I had that did a poster presentation, we did it half-drunk. #undergradmemories #daveheart

@SherriDLark: I'm going to my last class drunk but it's cool hey #itshomecoming

@siebaby: Omg I'm still a lil drunk..lls...8am class

@KiaBlowKisses: I just judged the shit outta myself for being drunk in class & answerin questions

Confession of a College Student

@_ItsJustTY: the whole class pretty much cheated on the 9weeks test . lmao

@RyanGoeshard625: Took 2 tests today and cheated on both SMH...gota go to class even tho I don't wanna be here

@CraZieB3autiful: Jus cheated my ass off on this news production class ! Damn.

@miszjenx3: Did I mention I got an A- in the class I cheated in xD

@KeepItKitty: When i tell you everyone in my last class just cheated on that test!! Thank God for Google!!

@SandraAckles_: Our geography teacher came into class yesterday and was like: We're going to write a short quiz now.. uhm.. yeah. I cheated :b Thanx book <3

@francisco_87: In Mr. Good class! I just cheated on the spanish test that he gave Nervous.... :D

@RayontheMoon: We all jus cheated as a class, literally, if one goes down, we all are.... HA!

Just A Little Crush

@NatalieRNeiman: Mega crush on Asian professor. Woah.

@isobeljokl: I think it's time to confess my massive crush on Professor Layton. Super brainy and can hold his own in a swordfight *swoon*

@ThePQ4: OMFG! The english prof I have a major crush on (and previously friended on MySpace just so I could stalk him) has FACEBOOK NOW!

@enmuse: It always takes me a second to realize who "Rachel" is in my gchat list b/c I first think of my undergrad soc prof who I've got a crush on

@samingham: My prof def has a crush on this guest speaker. He's fumbling over his words and is all flustered ahahaaaa.

@Lorrran: Debating taking russian literature bc the professor is hot.

@krcastillo: Stalking my prof in Facebook. Heeee I had a 1-day crush on him before and I don't plan on crushing on him again since I see him TTh. :))))

Thanks for Nothing College

@Vegas2_normalcharshed: i'm officially working at hollister part time now, in addition to my internship. thanks a lot college education!

@red_ribbon: #tweetyour16yearoldself contrary to what you may think, a music degree will be a waste of everyones time. Just get drunk. It'll be aight

@krystalwrists: #tweetyour16yearoldself And depsite what anyone else says, that college degree will be a waste of time.

@gempics: #tweetyoursixteenyearoldself You don't have to do an office job- don't waste time getting a masters degree in it! Go with the creative side!

Rise 'N Shine

@CThomp: Slept right through my 8am class. I didn't even hear my alarm... #fail

@totallyralph: being drunk in class is fun lol I always show up to my 8am classes drunk from the night before lol

@BJmusicBezzy: Damn i done over slept and missed my first class. Damn Damn Damn

@JingYuLee: I over slept! Skipped piano class at 9am! OMG! I want to slap myself!

They Said What?

@jazzayluv3: So tired, i forgot how to understand english o_O . This professor thinks im all n2 this lesson. #not. i hav NO CLUE what this man jus said.

@TMAdewey: @evan_nicely haha sounds like my circuits professor, I asked him what to study for our next test, and he said &quot;It's up to you.&quot;  :(

@sittinprettie: professor just said &quot;if i hurt your feelings im sorry but it is what it is&quot; | smh. Lol

@sabrinaadamonis: Wow my professor is having a crazy hot flash right now. I'm uncomfortable.

@hust0058: haha a professor just said bring in a sticker if you voted for extra credit. &quot;What about a 4sq badge?&quot;


@mama_tay: My professor said she has been studying us all semester... SAY WHAT??

@EMoulsino: Dear girl, having your boobs hanging out is not going to help hot english professor notice you. Please pull your shirt up.

@Kaitlyne_Marie: My brain has pretty much given up all hope on being productive, ever. Sorry Special Ed. Block. #collegefail

@kevinellingson: no class tomorrow. thanks veterans. ill try and repay you by getting drunk!!

#WTF College


@Mz_Tiny_Body: So I am in college and dis dumb ass teacher is reading ghost stories to us like #WTF so bout to leave

@meetRacks: This bitch just pulled out a ball a yarn and just started knitting, in the middle of class. #WTF #cmonson

@TheBoyDurty: The teacher pulled up 10 mins late to class on a bike #wtf.

@oohlalalauren_: there's a girl in my physics class with a whole plate of hot wings. like are you serious? its 9:45 in the morning.

@jalessachante: Bitches and hoes is the topic in my english class...#wtf? #onlyatUT

@Kerstin_McCall: Just got assigned to wear an adult diaper for a class. Interesting Monday. #WTF

@AndrewTBell: Girl in front of me in class is wearing a Halloween costume as a dress. #wtf

@lockking88: College...the most expensive experience of your life #college #truth #wtf

@Blakey_G: Yep, my professor just casually announced to the class that he used to be an alcoholic. #wtf #tmi #harvard



@HoneyDip_88: Okay side ponytails r not okay! #fail u r n college now!

@aamanikilaru: Missed first day of college #FAIL

@LinMattei: Why do most college students drop the word 'like' every two words in their conversation? Shouldn't they know more words? #fail

@wheezingwolly: me+college= #fail

@HollywoodIntern: Noooooooooo this girl in my class has on a magic bag #fail

@macanas5: In history class =( #fail

@iTsEffinMeezy: If You Speak English How Do You #Fail English lmaooo

@So_Sumptuous20: How many college students does it take to help a kindergardener w/there hwork? Cuz 5 of us is over here struggling. #fail

@Miss_Stewart88: @CarrollCity Umm I've seen ur decorating skills in college, and that was a #Fail. Hopefully ur skills have improved since then lol

Kicked Out


@SantanaLopez_x: My friends been kicked out of college he thinks o.o he came in smelling of alcohol

@daryscavies: just got kicked out of college, how cool am I

@NaRiDash: MORNING WORLD!! Actually going college today..... If I don't go this week, I'm @ risk of being kicked out ! *oops*.... :) xo

@jaywhitelock: Gonna resist Black Ops til xmas, Modern Warfare 2 almost got me kicked out of college!

@maddghost lmao...if it makes u feel better I lasted 2 weeks up Bda College  before being arrested & kicked out  #LooongStory!

@ChefBoyarBrojo: SDSU made me an alcoholic, took my money, then kicked me out.. #college

@Alex_Washington: #tweetyour16yearoldself don't stress about college, you'll get kicked out twice before you get it right.

@D_K_S_: Nearly got kicked out of college today... For caring round a six pack and 2 guns ...

COD Black Ops

Black Ops

@LaserX247: I feel like I stayed up late last night, played cod: black ops until 4 am and then woke up for an 8 am class. So... feeling pretty good :)

@DeeJayPrecise: Went to bed @ 4am, and I'm already up for class. Damn u COD Black Ops! On the bright side, I pwned fools last night!

@andiebillings: Woke up to my hubby playing COD:BLACK OPS, when he was supposed to be studying for his pre-afghan class. His reply? "I am studying.Tactics."

@MrEricWhitehead: Art class < COD Black Ops

@BradleyKhan: #CoDBlackOps has finally entered my home, sucks I'm in college whilst its sitting there ready to play.... #Fail

@AClockworkChad: Prof had a coughing fit and ended class. God wants me to play CoD Black Ops

@lovekissesnic: Ready to get off! Sleep, class, COD black ops and sleep again lol

@JMitchMD: Headed to class but I'm suffering from a COD black ops hangover...

@joenaufal: Skipping school to get #blackops, yeah I'm that much of a gamer :D

@bchapman88: One more class this morning and then I'm blowing off my afternoon classes to go home and play COD Black Ops.

@SNavarro6: Need Redbull for this boring ass class cause I barely slept last night #BlackOps

@Ms_MoansAlot: Half the Class are missing n since 90% of ppl in my lec are males COD Black Ops is obviously the reason for there absence.

@PuLLmYDReADzz: (skips class to play cod black ops)




Shannon Over a year ago

College students (and the rest of us) definitely say some interesting things on twitter - no doubt. I'm wondering though, why you chose to use their names and link to their accounts? Couldn't the same article have been written just by quoting the tweets without their names or linking to their accounts? Obviously these are public tweets and therefore anyone can search for them and see them, but it seems a bit invasive to kind of "out" them in a forum like this.

Shanon_Woodruff Over a year ago

The reason I decided to include the usernames and links in this article is to simply to give credit to the author. Like any other piece of written work, these tweets are the intellectual property of the individuals who created them. No matter what is inferred from them, like any article, book, or blog post, each authors deserve to receive credit for tweets they have created.

Sheila Martin Over a year ago

These are all college students, and I know they are tweeting so the number of characters is important, but I am concerned regarding their use of poor spelling and grammar. I teach college classes and this trend is no surprise, but what are they learning about survival in a professional environment? Are we graduating people who cannot write or express themselves properly? Who gets the blame when employers see how poorly the work habits and skill levels of our graduates show these deficiencies?

Bea Over a year ago

I know someone in business who is no longer looking at resumes. He's asking people to submit a letter stating their qualifications and also asking them to answer a few questions. He wants to see if they're able to write.

Elli TheKingOfB'way Over a year ago

This should be a TV show lol

Greg Graham Over a year ago

Students need to know that posting on Twitter is PUBLIC. I thought maybe you were doing it to teach a lesson.

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