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9 of the Craziest and Coolest Online Degrees You Can Start Now

May 30, 2007 Jennifer Williamson, Distance Columnist | 0 Comments

One myth about online degree programs is that they’re limited—only a handful of programs translate well online.   We’re about to blow that myth to pieces.  There are hundreds of degrees at top schools, covering everything from business to law enforcement to the arts.  Here are nine of the zaniest, most off-the-wall online bachelor’s degrees you can sign up for today.


It’s not enough to be a top-notch artist nowadays to make as a cartoon animator.  You also need a solid technical background—and you can get it online at Westwood College.  This program incorporates the laws of motion and psychology related to 2D and 3D characters; life drawing and rendering; audio and video animation; management and logic skills; and more.   It’s the perfect preparation for a career in animation or graphic design.

Crime Scene Analysis

Ever want to be the officer behind the police tape, analyzing blood spatter patterns and bullet trajectories? Learn how to investigate a crime scene at Kaplan University.  They offer a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a focus on crime scene investigation.   You’ll learn how to discern the story of a crime from the evidence left behind.  


Do you dream of starting your own business? At DeVry University, you can major in Business Administration with a concentration in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship.  This bachelor’s degree program prepares you to analyze market trends, start your own business, take over existing businesses, or be the best manager any company’s ever had—and it takes only three years to complete.

Game Art & Design

The Art Institute Online’s Game Art & Design program concentrates on the artistic side of game design.  You’ll learn how to design game environments, create convincing characters, plan game progression and operation, plot character choices within the game, and evaluate existing games on the market.  This degree prepares you for a job as a game tester or designer with any major gaming company.


Become an Internet millionaire through the University of Phoenix’s Bachelor of Science in E-Business program.  This course of study teaches you the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship with an emphasis in the evolving e-business industry.  Perfect for anyone looking to start their own online empire or take an existing business online.

Homeland Security

Get ready for a career protecting our homeland at Florida Metropolitan University Online.  This program encompasses criminal justice, contingency planning, disaster relief, tactical communication, domestic terrorism prevention, emergency medical services and operations, and ethics for security experts.  This is definitely a growing industry—and with this degree, you’ll be in high demand for years to come.

Global Business Management

Start a career as a jet-setting business tycoon with a Global Business Management degree from the University of Phoenix.  With this degree, you’ll be prepared for a high profile career in a worldwide company—or to take your own business global.  This program teaches you the ins and outs of international finance, human resource management on a global scale, international marketing, worldwide value-chain management, and more. 

Interior Design

If you’ve got an eye for color—and you’re always rearranging your furniture—a career in interior design may be perfect for you.   Check out Westwood College’s online program, where you’ll learn the fundamentals of graphic drawing, interior finishing, color theory, space planning, and more.  In addition to artistic design, this program focuses on safety codes and building regulations, using computer-aided design (CAD), how to operate your own interior design business, and a historical perspective.

When studying for an interior design degree, it's important to bear in mind that many states have certain requirements both for licensing interior designers and for the schools at which they gain a degree.  Many states require designers to pass a national licensing examination, often after a two-year apprenticeship with another licensed interior designer.  When looking into interior design programs, ask schools what measures they take to help you meet qualification requirements in your state.  Reference: U.S. Department of Labor: Interior Designers

Biometric Security

The security field is headed more and more towards biometrics—the use of fingerprints, voice identification, retinal scans, and more—to safeguard some of the world’s most valuable items and information.  Be on the cutting edge of the security industry with a degree in Biometric Security from Davenport University Online.  This degree prepares students for careers with some of the most advanced security companies, not to mention well-respected jobs within government and business.

Through online degree programs, you can prepare for jobs in many fun, glamorous, and lucrative fields—on your time, and in your living room.  Whatever your dream job may be, there’s likely to be an online degree program that can help you achieve it.


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