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20 College Education Influencers on Twitter You Need to Follow and Why

May 3, 2010 Shanon Woodruff, Columnist | 2 Comments

If you can believe it, Twitter has over 106 million users, and it is estimated to be growing at a rate of 300,000 each day. So, it’s also not hard to believe that there are some fantastic tweets about education that simply get lost in the chaos that is the Twitterverse. Each day amazing educational tweets are sent out to contend among the other 34,222 tweets per minute, only to get lost amongst the crowd - leaving a large number of amazing experts in education struggling to get the recognition that they deserve.

Which is why we have taken some time to do a little exploring – an educational Twitter hunt, if you will. We have dug deep into the farthest reaches of the Twitterverse, and have found 20 of the best education experts on twitter you might not know about, but who are a must follow!  These 20 education experts focus each of their tweets on the most relevant aspects of today’s educational systems, and provide their followers with tweets about educational news, information, and even entertainment.

Each of these educators are doing a fantastic job of providing interesting and informative educational tidbits on Twitter, but have somehow become over-shadowed by the millions of other users that are out there.  So, to shine a little light their way, this is our list of the top 20 education experts on Twitter who we believe work hard and deserve some well-earned recognition.

collegeprowler- College guides written by students for students.

Why We Think They're Great

@collegeprowler is provided by, an online guide to college for students written by students.  The tweets that are provided by @collegeprowler are about surviving the ups and downs of higher education, and are an excellent resource for students who are looking for tips and tricks on how to succeed within today's complex world of higher education.


newgradlife - Did you just graduate? We offer free help to recent grads for job search help, resumes/interviews, networking, financial advice - we even have a job board!

Why We Think They're Great

You've just graduated, congratulations! Now, what to do next? If you are finding yourself, or someone you know, asking this same question, then look towards @newgradlife for a little inspiration. @newgradlife offers its followers a bevy of tweets that are directed at helping you, the recent graduate, to answer the age old question, "What now?"

edpublishers - The Association of Educational Publishers - Devoted to supplemental solutions for teaching and learning in all media

Why We Think They're Great

@edpublishers provides a wide variety of tweets that are focused on the many aspects that are related to publishing in the education field. @edpublishers tweets look at every aspect of the education publishing world, including news, e-publishing, the future of educational publication, and more.

edinnovation - Education needs a game changer, we are facilitating that change.

Why We Think They're Great

@edinnovation provides educational tweets that are focused on the innovative factors that are the driving force of today's technology-based educational systems. Each of @edinnovation tweets offers their followers tidbits of information on innovation in educational testing, technology, and more.


Education_AIR - AIR researchers provide high-quality, reliable data and research about education and more. Also from AIR: @Health_AIR and @ID_AIR

Why We Think They're Great

The educational tweets from @Education_AIR offer their consumers 140-characters of information on the latest happenings in educational research. Each of the research-focused tweets provide their followers with high-quality, reliable, rootted-in-data links, quotes, and information.



Why We Think They're Great

With over 42,289 tweets, @good_education is one of the busiest education influencers on our list. Leaving no stone unturned, each of their tweets offers followers insights into higher education, educational technology, sports in education, and even full coverage of the latests in education reform.


Intelicus - Intelicus is an educational directory that is exclusively for Established Not-for-Profit Universities. We believe in the education, not just the diploma.

Why We Think They're Great

Covering a broad spectrum of topics related to higher education, @Intelicus  is a must-follow for any tweeter who is looking to be kept up-to-date on the latest happenings of the not-for-profit sector of higher education. Each of their tweets provides followers with information on topics, such as educational options, educational technology, and politics and education - just to name a few.


whattoknow- provides information and resources intended to help the every day consumer make smarter personal decisions.

Why We Think They're Great

Covering the gamut of all-things educational, @whattoknow is an amazing source of information that provides their followers with a diverse flow of tweets that focus on all things smarty-pants. From being successful online to online vs. campus-based colleges, each of their fascinating tweets guarantees a "you learn something new everyday" moment.


mycollegeguide - College Confused? We're here to help! For 20 years MCG has provided all the FREE college info you need! Life Changes. Keep up with it.

Why We Think They're Great

With a fresh, comical way about themselves, the tweets from @mycollegeguide are the best way of stain connected to higher education, and having a little laugh while you do it. With tweets ranging from pirate students to no pants on campus, @mycollegeguide is a serious must-follow for those who need a little laugh with their education.


College_Success- College Success Foundation provides the scholarships & support that low-income students need to be successful in college, the workforce & life. DSharp tweets.

Why We Think They're Great

It's no secret, college can be tough! So, you will need all the help you  can gets your hands on, which is why you should be following @College_Success. @College_Success does a fantastic job at providing its followers with an abundance of tweets that are aimed at helping them to navigate the treacherous waters of higher education.


petap- Partners In Education and Tuition Assistance Programs

Why We Think They're Great

Gaining traction everyday, and poised to become a leader in education on twitter, @petap is an excellent resource for those individuals who are looking for information pertaining to all-things education. The informative tweets from @petap provide their followers with tweets on everything from online educational leadership to educational technology.


USDLA- Nonprofit Distance Learning Association that supports research, development and praxis across the complete arena of education, training and communications.

Why We Think They're Great

Provided by one of the leading distance learning advocates, the United States Distance Learning Association, @USDLA uses its Twitter platform to provide followers with a wide-breadth of information concerning all thing distance education. Their tweets cover topics from college sports to financial aid, and  are focused on aiding you in staying on top of everything that is happening in the realm of online education.


Educaedu - Educaedu is an online education directory in 19 countries around the world. Search for your next higher education course today!

Why We Think They're Great

@Educaedu is an amazing Twitter feed for those individuals who are looking for 140-characters of information on all-things about international education. The educational tweets from @Educaedu focus educational practices and events at an international level, and cover a wide rage of topics, including social media, language exams, educational technology, and much, much more.



Why We Think They're Great

 @thenewclassroom is an amazing twitter feed that is focused on the new and exciting ways in which technology is being integrated into the classroom. As a follower of @thenewclassroom you will receive a wide-variety of tweets  that discuss various types of technology, such as UStream and Twitter, as a method of developing a better classroom.


johnnyeducation - I'm an educator passionately serving in the field of education. I enjoy family and friends, the outdoors, hard work, and capitalizing on life's opportunities!

Why We Think They're Great

Straight from the horse's mouth, @johnnyeducation is an excellent twitter feed for anyone who is looking to get a first-hand look at the frontline of education today. @johnnyeducation is a brilliant resource for those who are looking for informative and relevant tweets about the state of today's education system.


collegereport- College & financial aid reviews, news, and tips

Why We Think They're Great

News, Tips, and Reviews! That is the focus of tweets from @collegereport. Their well-rounded selection of tweets offer their followers a variety of sources for finding information on anything educational. By following @collegereport, you will be supplied with a steady stream of informative tweets that focus on everything from studying for exams to grants and scholarships.


GetEducatedcom - Distance learning and online education advocacy group that rates, ranks, and verifies the cost, quality and credibility of online colleges and universities.

Why We Think They're Great

Thinking about attending an online college or university? Then you should be following @GetEducatedcom on Twitter. @GetEducatedcom provides their followers with information on the many ins and outs of the growing field of distance education. From ratings to rankings, the online education-based tweets that are offered by @GetEducatedcom are an excellent way to find out more about the many pros and cons of distance learning.



- Refugee from Higher Ed. Now, an Edupreneur offering online tutoring, editing and a College Readiness course.

Why We Think They're Great

With the tweets from @readywriting, you will be kept up-to-date on a variety of the latest happenings in higher education, as well as be supplied with a number of excellent resources that will help you stay shoulder to shoulder with issues in online tutoring, editing and online college courses.


Edubeat- @edubeat The best #educast on Twitter

Why We Think They're Great

One of the most comprehensive #educasts around, @Edubeat tweets about all-things related to education, and on occasion some other stuff as well. The tweets from @Edubeat do an amazing job at providing a refreshing source of information that will keep you informed and even a little entertained.



EducationPortal - Original Articles and Videos for Researching Schools, Degree Programs, Careers, and Online Courses - The Web's Largest Education Portal

Why We Think They're Great

Providing educational tweets on everything from scholarships to book drives, @EducationPortal offers its followers a flow of information that will help them stay on top of the latest happenings of today's complex educational system.




Cat Sampson Over a year ago

Don't forget OneSchool mobile app! :-)

Jane Over a year ago

I also found that is also a great one to follow. They pull information from all over for parents, teachers, and students.

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