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Would taking your courses enable me to create my own store quality video games?
I am currently working to understand electronics as well so I can integrate the two. This is my goal.

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Asked by lascruceskid Tuesday Nov 10th 2009 in Career Planning
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While there are a number of both introductory and advanced courses in video game, I have done a little research, and most of the studios will require formal education. So, if you are not 100% sure that is your main goal in life, then the online courses are an excellent starting off point.

These online video game design courses are an ideal option for developing the base of knowledge that is needed for starting your career.

However, if you are really looking to succeed as a video game designer you should consider an online degree in game design. There are a number of online video game designing programs that instill their students the advanced knowledge that is needed for creating top-quality video games. For a list of those, please follow this link: online video game design schools. The list of programs on this page are excellent options for starting down the path of becoming a video game designer.

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