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Would a certificate in Six Sigma be applicable for use in public educational setting? If not, could it be tailored to suit educational needs?
I am an educator who is keenly interested in the tenets of Six Sigma and what it might possibly bring to the field of public education. However, I have several questionsâ�æ

1. Would ar certificate in Six Sigma be applicable in public educational setting? If not, could it be tailored to suit educational needs?

2. Are you aware of Six Sigma being utilized at the district level of major districts? If so, in what capacity?

3. Would completion of the certificate partially qualify me for the designation of a black or green belt?

4. Specifically, what district level positions could completion of Six Sigma coursework prepare me for in a public educaitonal setting?


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Asked by Lenoagreat Sunday Nov 4th 2007 in Uncategorized
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Since NCLB, schools are exploring how to meet rigorous statistical standards of measurement, and Six Sigma might be the answer. Some educators are resistant to the idea of bringing Six Sigma practices into schools and classrooms, while others are more supportive: check out this thread on the Six Sigma site for a range of opinions from people in the field.

However, there are definitely areas where Six Sigma might be able to make a positive contribution to schools. From what I can see, you can apply these principles both in the classroom and from a schoolwide or district-wide platform. Here's an example; from a math teacher using Six Sigma in the classroom. See this posting from a Georgia teacher and administrator on more specific applications of Six Sigma in public schools.

Koalaty Kids is a training program that applies Six Sigma principles to help schools improve instruction and meet NCLB requirements. Their site may give some pointers on how to incorporate Six Sigma in the classroom.

They used Six Sigma in Adams School District 12 in Thornton, CO. The school board applied the principles throughout the district, hiring consultants and so on. Some of the staff went through the Six Sigma certification process themselves. Here's a link to the article:

Six Sigma would probably qualify you for a position in administration at the district level or perhaps as a school principal. I'm not aware of any specific positions that look for Six Sigma certification as a matter of course, however. That doesn't mean Six Sigma wouldn't be helpful in your career in education, or that certification might not give you an edge over other applicants in the right district. As I said before, however, Six Sigma can be a bit controversial among educators, and some districts may be more eager than others to incorporate its principles.

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